Clay Schexnayder

District: House District 81
Moon Griffon Nickname: Shakedown Snakesneyder
Seat mate:
Phone: 225-473-6016   call

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Instagram: clayschex

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Not Media Enough, Censored by Schexnayder

Why does the Speaker get to decide who is media and who is not? I am well aware that Clay Schexnayder does not care for my coverage of him. Regardless, partisan politics should have no place in determining what or who is considered news media. If you've been worried about social media censorship, maybe you should instead be worried about the censorship going on right in the people's House Chamber.

Kanter Like Symptoms

Will Louisiana Department of Health keep the vicious cycle going? People often skip the doctor during the holidays. As Christmas decorations are taken down the number of positives will spike. How much Kanter banter will we face as Louisiana Department of Health...

Schex: All Talk No Walk

A healthcare worker invited me to a meeting with Louisiana's Speaker of the House. She wanted to ask questions and share information she felt was important. I went as moral support but had the opportunity to ask a few questions of my own. Access Granted Initially...

Veto Session: At Ease

Before the Veto Override Session began the political games were in full swing. From legislators not showing up to the governor admitting he made threats and promises to whip votes, the people never stood a chance at being represented. Inability to Perform Duties...

Vetoed bills for the override session

Jamie Pope contributed (greatly) to this article. Governor Edwards vetoed thirty-one (31) bills in the 2021 regular session. There are two that have garnered most of the attention. However, as we'll outline below, a large number of these vetoes kill very good...

LAGOP Veto Override Rally

JBE VS The People Of Louisiana

The citizens of Louisiana fought hard against the governor's tyrannical mandates. Some legislators joined them by circulating the Seabaugh petition. This attempt to use their authority to protect the rights of the people fell short. At the last minute Speaker of...

Veto Override Imminent?

On June 29, 2021 House Speaker Clay Schexnayder and Senate President Page Cortez had a meeting with Governor John Bel Edwards. The next day Page Cortez released this statement: “While the Legislature has not yet received any official Veto Messages from the...

Clay’s Republican Turmoil

Most adults are aware of the devastating impact segregation had on America. It is crucial that we never repeat this part of history. This is why some lawmakers do not feel segregation should be pushed on children in Louisiana schools. Unfortunately, House Speaker,...

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