Buddy Mincey, Jr.

District: 71
Moon Griffon Nickname:
Seat mate: Raymond Garofalo
Phone: 225 667-6088   call

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Not the role of government

Should government resources be used to pick winners? It took Louisiana Department of Health months to respond to our records requests about doing just that. While certain bureaucrats in LDH were using the state agency's voice to blatantly promote a political agenda, many legislators and even top bureaucrats inside the department were asking "what does this have to do with healthcare?" The short answer is: nothing.

LDH Pride

Schex: All Talk No Walk

A healthcare worker invited me to a meeting with Louisiana's Speaker of the House. She wanted to ask questions and share information she felt was important. I went as moral support but had the opportunity to ask a few questions of my own. Access Granted Initially...

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