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Happy Independence Day

Today is a great day for all kinds of beautiful things to happen. As my son would say, stay strapped or get clapped. In some weird new post-millennial language, that means today is the first day you can conceal carry a firearm without needing to beg the government’s permission. That’s because Senator Blake Miguez’s SB1 and SB2 from the 2024 Second Extraordinary Session became law today. How exciting is that?

Another excellent freedom item today is Elbert Guillory’s official announcement that he’s running for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th district. Before we get too far, though, let’s begin by answering a question I posed earlier this week. Monday, I told you about former Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin’s unique assets that would benefit him in a run for Congress in Louisiana’s (effectively) new 6th district. In it, we discussed all of the components of a successful attempt. Kyle Ardoin checked all of the boxes. However, after the article was released, Ardoin told me the timing wasn’t right for his re-entry into campaign politics.

In that article, I also mentioned two others with the built-in name recognition necessary for a successful push in this compressed election cycle. One of them was my good friend, Senator Elbert Guillory. He also reached out to tell me he’s running. Since today is the day of his official announcement, I wanted to be among the first to tell you all about it. However, this isn’t a boring press release reprint like what you’ll see from the lazy legacy media. I’m going to tell you things you do not know, so let’s dive in.

What you may not know about Elbert Guillory

Of course, Elbert Guillory isn’t just the quintessential African-American conservative; he is the earliest and best definition in modern Louisiana politics. He inspired possibly the most significant millennial African-American conservative influencer, Candace Owens. This isn’t speculation on my part, either. In 2019, I was one of the people helping to bring Candace Owens to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. That event was a huge success, with a large group of whiny white liberals protesting outside. Candace was fabulous (as always) and so very magnanimous. She walked outside to invite the protesters into the venue to be her personal guests. Of course, they refused, but the offer was made.

Elbert Guillory was there, too. Candace Owens saw him from the stage and said something like this. Elbert Guillory! I have your book! You’re the whole reason I started doing all of this. How about that? His passion and example have set the groundwork for multiplying great African-American conservatives nationwide. I just happened to be standing there when Candace Owens said so. I bet Elbert Guillory still has his photo with Candace Owens in his phone.

The beginning

Elbert Guillory’s fascinating Republican story began some eleven years ago. I’ve included his powerful party-change announcement below. You’re probably thinking, oh, I’ve seen that already. It’s old news… While the video was made over a decade ago, it’s as fresh today as ever. It talks about the failure of the Democratic Party to address the core issues confronting the African-American (and every other) community. Eleven years ago, he said, “Parents should be the decision-makers when it comes to their children’s education, not some government bureaucrat.” Just this year, during the 2024 regular session, it was Elbert Guillory’s Republicans pulling education freedom across the finish line while Democrats were opposing it. Here’s more:

The individual must be free to pursue his or her own efforts, free from government dependence and government control. Because to be truly free is to be reliant on no one other than the Author of our destiny. These are the ideas at the core of the Republican Party, and it’s why I am a Republican. Join with me today in abandoning the government plantation and the party of disappointment so that we may all echo the words of one Republican leader who famously said, Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last.

Does that sound out of date? Here’s the full four-minute video.

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Elbert Guillory’s history of fundraising

You probably don’t know that Elbert Guillory raised over a million dollars last year for the Elbert Guillory’s America Super PAC. While that organization probably can’t directly coordinate in his federal election campaign, the fact that he has recently raised that kind of money should quiet any critics. It’s also not something you’ll hear him bragging about. He has used the mechanism of this PAC to get conservative African-American candidates elected nationwide. This broad mix of donors comes from across the country, too. He shouldn’t have trouble raising the money with that kind of Rolodex.

He’s also hired a professional team of consultants to help spread his message. With their help, Louisiana should expect more fabulous videos, like the one about the Hill District on Academy Street, that resulted in Mary Landrieu being “unelected.” This is Elbert Guillory’s special gift – an ability to masterfully articulate positions that move emotions.

It’s time to get to work.

The legacy media will be pushing Cleo FIelds hard. There are others in this race, too. However, no one in this race has the history of service that Elbert Guillory does. There’s no racial or party caveat on that statement. Elbert Guillory has been working hard to get others elected. He has inspired the next generation of freedom fighters in the African-American community. Now it’s time for the Republican Party to return his many favors. Now is the time to come together once more and do the work necessary to further the conservative principles that made America great.

Just yesterday, Louisiana Republicans moved mountains to get Jeff Landry elected governor. It was a superhuman effort to ensure that we would finally get someone in the governor’s mansion who wasn’t just a talker but a doer with a proven track record. I know you’re tired and thought you had already done your bit for Louisiana and your country by helping to get Jeff Landry elected. We’re not done yet, though. We have one more hill to take. Metaphorically, it’s the Hill District on Academy Street that Mary Landrieu neglected all those years ago. We can do this. You can do this. Dig in.

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