Michael M. Lunsford

Michael M. Lunsford

Executive Director

Michael was born, raised, and grew up in Lafayette. He was inspired by his father Larry Lunsford, well respected in the community for broadcasting and radio journalism in the 1980s.

He has been happily married for twenty-six years to his wife Michelle. Together, they have two wonderful boys. Michael is very active in his community including Sons of the American Revolution and Boy Scouts. He earned Eagle Scout in 1989 and son followed in his footsteps to become an Eagle Scout in 2017.

The catalyst for his involvement in public policy was wondering if a single talking point was true: that local public schools were overcrowded. More importantly, if anyone had even bothered to check. Ultimately discovering that it was false began an incredible journey of research and discovery that eventually become an organization.

“Accountability and transparency are only possible so long as someone is willing to shine the light of day into the dark corners of local government. That is our calling and we are determined to see it through,” Lunsford said.

Past experience in technology, programming, and a love for the community, has prepared him to advance “Citizens for A New Louisiana.”

He is devoting his time and energy to provide the local citizens with the truth and knowledge, ensuring that their elected officials are acting with integrity.

Krystal Romero Rushing

Krystal Romero Rushing

Executive Assistant

Krystal is a well known Pro-Life advocate and native of Acadiana. Most recently, Krystal was the Director of the DesOrmeaux Foundation. There, she was responsible for helping pregnant mothers choose life and ensure that they and their children have the education and resources necessary to thrive.

Her background brings incredible insight and experience to running a successful nonprofit organization. From policies and procedures to events and fundraising, her super-power of building a community has been an invaluable part of Citizens for a New Louisiana’s growth and success.

Jamie Pope

Jamie Pope

Licensed Private Investigator

Jamie Marie Pope is a mother of four and a licensed private investigator. For years, she’s been an integral part of the call to transparency and truth in local and state government. Her political influence is strongest in Baton Rouge, but elected officials across the entire state of Louisiana know her name.

Her experience following local elections inspired a passion for provoking thought and encouraging others to be involved. “You’ve got to stand for something, even if that means being escorted out of a meeting in the Louisiana capitol,” she said.

Jamie was one of just a few political activists, state-wide, to be summoned to the Louisiana Speaker of the House’s office to discuss the merits of the Seabaugh Petition to reopen our economy.


Lydia Romero

Lydia Romero

Public Policy Analysist

Lydia is a champion for our rights, as enshrined in the United States and Louisiana Constitutions. She passionately attends nearly every single Lafayette Consolidated Government meeting.

Her enthusiasm for transparency in local government can only be matched by her tenacious quest for the truth. Lydia’s blue-collar background makes her a tireless advocate for the hardest working among us.

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