New Louisiana Foundation is a 501c3 established for research and citizen education in an effort to make Louisiana’s government more community focused.

Its primary purpose is to train average citizens how to be effective volunteers inside their local government. We do this by identifying volunteer positions available on area boards and commissions. Then, we match identified, local community members with one of those positions.

Once appointed, we ensure they have all of the tools necessary to be effective. These include explaining enabling legislation, board bylaws and standing rules. Additional training and mentorship is also made available on becoming an effective board member. These include identifying and ensuring focus on the board’s core purpose, effective oversight of the board-selected executive director, and more.

The Foundation also offers open classes on Robert’s Rules of Order.

You can make a tax deductible, one-time or recurring financial donation below. If you need us to fill out an application or questionnaire for your donor advised fund, or if you need additional information such as our IRS determination letter, please reach out to [email protected]. You can also check us out on GuideStar.

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