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The Louisiana Legislature proclaims that reading is the foundation of all learning and provides the framework by which parish and municipal organizations may establish public libraries. And while libraries are generally thought to be a bank of resources to support learning, literacy, and education, they are being seized upon by political activists who intend to change the fabric of society and expose our children to unimaginable materials. If you haven’t been following what is going on in Lafayette Parish and Livingston Parish you may want to pay closer attention. Disconnect from the propaganda being peddled by “news organizations” on the radio, television, and social media and really find out what is happening on the front line by personally attending these meetings.

Our Legislature is also vested, through the Louisiana Constitution, with the establishment and maintenance of public schooling for the purpose of educating the public. It is into this failed institution that many of us entrust our children, day after day for education (indoctrination). An institution that is being overwhelmed by activist teachers and staff pushing a global egalitarian social/political agenda, critical race theory and the destruction of family values under the guise of “inclusion.” Is it any wonder why there has recently been a push to require voter registration events for high school students? Representatives Tammy Phelps (HB781) and Buddy Mincey (HB423) both introduced bills to this effect in the 2022 legislative session. Mincey’s bill was later signed into law by Governor Edwards. These factories are designed to churn out young adults who have been taught what to think, not how to think. And more importantly, through their liberal education, they have been trained on how they should vote. You can expect many more uneducated and unprepared voters at the poles this time next year due to Buddy Mincey.

Even institutions such as the Louisiana Department of Health, which is primarily established to develop and provide health and medical services for the prevention of disease, is a creation of our Legislature. The Louisiana Department of Health is arguably the largest agency of the state with a budget of $14 billion. And as with every creature of the state it has grown beyond any scale imaginable and now serves as yet another weapon of bureaucrats to wield in the political realm and in support of certain social/political causes.

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Are Black Pride and Gay Pride matters of public health?

Kid tipping drag queen

Drag show for kids in Alexandria, LA, sponsored by Louisiana Department of Health

If you think the Louisiana Department of Health has gone astray from its mission you are not the only one. Apparently the LDH Secretary reached that same conclusion following a call from a member of the legislature. That resulted in instructions that LDH staff review the website and other accounts for any “Pride links” and have them removed. Questions were also raised as how the logo of the LDH came to appear on a poster advertising for the “New Orleans Black Pride Weekend.” Well as it turns out the LDH had partnered with Brotherhood, Inc. for this event which distributed gift cards to the “target population” (Black Gay Males) who received vaccines. Brotherhood, Inc. didn’t even bother to post the event to their own Facebook page. No need really, when the state bureaucrats will handle all the aspects of promotion for you.

In another instance the LDH took it a step further by hosting a “Pride Event” at the Alexandria Convention Center. The original story which was to be published in the LDH Today newsletter read: “OPH Region 6 (Office of Public Health) recently hosted a family-friendly Central Louisiana Pride event…” A feature photo of the article shows a kid handing money to a Drag Queen. That article was removed from the LDH Today newsletter before publication, but was posted to social media. The article which were created, posted and audited by staff has nothing to do with the mission of the LDH. An internal review of one such post revealed that the event occurred over a week prior to it being posted by LDH. The post had nothing to do with promoting a “health event” so people could attend. The event had already come and passed. The post only served to promote social/political agenda by using taxpayer funded resources. Our requests for records regarding the cost to the taxpayer for these government sponsored events remain unanswered. After two months the OPH Region 6 has failed to even acknowledge our request and we are still awaiting records from the LDH.

The Government Picks Winners and Losers

In its very basic role government is instituted to protect the rights of its citizens. It should not be involved in picking winners and losers. Nor should it be an active participant in pushing social/political agendas or promoting certain groups or peoples over others.

Anyone who works in advertising and internet marketing knows that a person, page or social media account that has a large following is a tremendous asset to have. Even those who have little to no experience in the field recognize this (i.e. Lafayette RPEC). While the internet and social media platforms can serve to provide valuable information to many people in a short period of time it can also be used to spread mistruths at an even faster pace. In the words of Mark Twain: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” (i.e. Livingston Parish Library). Who gets to decide how to wield and leverage government owned and operated websites and social media accounts to the benefit of private individuals and businesses?  Should the government be using taxpayer funded resources to promote social/political agendas or promoting certain groups or peoples over others?

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Louisiana ethics laws specifically prohibit certain transactions of public servants to prevent them from benefiting from any transaction involving their public agency. There are also laws that seek to prevent a public servant from using his office to support or oppose a candidate for public office. However, ethics laws don’t specifically prohibit the use of public property, in the form of taxpayer funded personnel and assets, to promote social/political agendas or promoting certain groups or peoples. After all, according to the state constitution “…the funds, credit, property, or things of value of the state or of any political subdivision shall not be loaned, pledged, or donated to or for any person, association, or corporation, public or private.

What do public libraries, schools and the LDH all have in common? Well for one they are all creatures of the state, created by the legislature and subject to legislative oversight. Two, they are all promoting social/political agendas under the guise of ‘educating the public.’ It is past time that steps are taken to reign in on the misuse of government assets. It is our legislature that has created the various agencies that weaponize their parts against us. Now is the time to call upon your legislator to carry legislation in the next session that will curtail the activities of the bodies which it is responsible for creating and overseeing.


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