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Will Louisiana Department of Health keep the vicious cycle going? People often skip the doctor during the holidays. As Christmas decorations are taken down the number of positives will spike. How much Kanter banter will we face as Louisiana Department of Health helps John Bel Edwards push mandates?

The Vaccine Doesn’t Stop Omicron

Most data shows vaccines are less effective on the Omicron variant. Still, Louisiana Department of Health bribes citizens to take it. A recent LDH vaccine drive post showed 211 children were pimped out to the department for $100.

The answer to the vaccine not working is simply “get boosters”. How many boosters are necessary for officials admit this is not a vaccine preventable disease? 20 percent of people currently hospitalized with COVID-19 are fully vaccinated.

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No More Monoclonal Antibody Treatment, Have a Booster

The vaccine is not stopping the spread. Still, Louisiana Department off Health halted treatment (known to work). Federal government stopped paying for Monoclonal antibody treatment. Only then did Louisiana Department of Health decide it was no longer effective.

Current vaccines are expected to protect against severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths due to infection with the Omicron variant. However, breakthrough infections in people who are fully vaccinated are likely to occur. The Omicron surge further emphasizes the importance of vaccination and boosters.

Yes, you read that correctly. Louisiana Department of Health is bribing people to take a vaccine that does not work on Omicron and halted a treatment that works on other variants. Did other variants disappear the moment Omicron arrived? Oddly enough, not all cases are tested for a specific variant.

1) probable cases are only able to be identified by one specific PCR assay that picks up the S-gene dropout, 2) not all PCR samples are submitted for sequencing, and 3) many people are tested by rapid antigen or molecular tests, which are not able to be sequenced.

Their Own Rules Overwhelm Hospitals

Louisiana Department of Health and Governor John Bel Edwards backed a lot of healthcare workers into a corner. There are active lawsuits from healthcare workers pushing back. Many are not fighting it, they’re choosing to walk away.

We know this variant is spreading quickly. Healthcare workers will be forced to quarantine. Headlines will say that hospitals are overwhelmed again. If the state does not ease up on their own rules, there won’t be enough healthcare workers to take care of people. Are they trying to cause hysteria?

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The Fear Mongering is Exhausting

There are reports in other states of emergency rooms being full of asymptomatic patients. The government is giving out tests that are telling asymptomatic people that they are infected. So, they panic and clog up the hospitals that just ran off a large percentage of their medical staff with unnecessary mandates.

Data is presented with intent to shock. In August Kanter testified that LDH does not get data on how many children were hospitalized with RSV vs Covid positive. They merely report the number hospitalized with “Covid like symptoms”. The intention may be to help, but fear mongering is doing more harm than good.

We are seeing high infection rates in cities like New York. We are seeing low death rates, too. This should be celebrated, not manipulated.

How will Louisiana Ring in the New Year?

My prediction is that Louisiana Department of Health will push for more testing and report a spike after the holidays. This will be their reason for more mandates. When the numbers level out they will credit the mandates. They will likely not focus on deaths. The focus will be positive cases. The number of cases, regardless of symptoms, will be enough to frighten the masses. If all goes as expected, Clay Schexnayder and Page Cortez will be as scarce as a new gaming console on Black Friday. Unless they want to prove me wrong.


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