Ray Garofalo and Bob Owen: Understanding LA’s Senate 1 Race


As with several races before voters, Louisiana’s Senate District 1 should be an easy choice. However, there’s a little something odd going on here that may need some clarification. The race only has two candidates, so this one will be decided on October 14th. Those candidates are Bob Owen (R 6/10) and Ray Garofalo (R 7/10). Their scorecard numbers are incredibly close, but anyone looking at their scorecards and dossiers can definitely tell there’s a stark difference between the two.

Raymond Garofalo

Ray Garofalo (R 7/10), was recently endorsed by the Freedom Caucus PAC. A few years ago, as the chairman of the Education committee, he brought a bill that said we won’t be teaching school kids that some races are smarter than others. Several Democrat legislators had a problem with that bill and demanded that Clay Schexnayder (R 1/10) (who owed his speakership to JBE) remove Garofalo, or else. Well, Schexnayder did what Schexnayder does and sided with the Democrats. Since that day, Ray Garofalo (R 7/10) has been a faithful opponent to anything Schexnayder and the Fraud Squad wanted to do.

He’s a member of The 36, which earned him that badge and the Fiscal Hawk one, too. Another differentiator is Louisiana Family Forum giving him a 100% score in 2023. Garofalo has also been granted the exclusive endorsement of the LAGOP (Louisiana Republican Party) in this Senate race.

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Bob Owen

Bob Owen defends his vote to empty the state treasury on porkbarrel projects.

Bob Owen defends his vote to empty the state treasury on porkbarrel projects.

The strangest thing I’ve heard during this cycle is that Bob Owen (R 6/10) is a conservative. Whoever said this obviously has him confused with Chuck Owen (R 9/10). Although they share a last name, as far as anyone knows, they aren’t at all related. In fact, they aren’t even similar in their belief systems. Let’s not confuse the two any longer.

Old Bob Owen (R 6/10) is one of the guys who found themselves sideways with seventy-percent (70%) of our governor poll respondents. That’s when a supermajority of Louisiana residents said the Legislature acted irresponsibility in passing the state budget. He was also one of the twelve legislators whose district we thought deserved to know the truth. Tanner Magee (R 2/10) was so embarrassed to be included on this list that he chose to not seek re-election. If only the other eleven had a similar sense of duty.

Although Bob Owen (R 6/10) has somehow managed to get endorsed by Louisiana Right to Life, that’s where his positives end. He’s authored and voted for higher fees, taxes, spending, regulations, and otherwise granting more power to the government at the expense of your personal liberty. He’s also earned the “medical mandates” badge, again siding with big government. Bob Owen (R 6/10) voted for the big pork budget buster (earning him the spendthrift badge). He’s also been supportive of expanding Marijuana in Louisiana. Pas bon!

In case you missed it, here’s the informational video we put out about Bob Owen’s terrible vote to empty the state treasury on useless porkbarrel spending projects. If you’d prefer, here’s the Facebook version of the same video.

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Should we pursue a New Louisiana, or just stay in 50th place?

There are different forms of the word “conservative.” One is a relative term, meaning we want to “conserve” things as they are. The other, more popular form, is short for “Constitutional Conservative.” Both candidates can claim to be one form or the other. Bob Owen (R 6/10) appears to be “conserving” the 50th place version of Louisiana that all of us are so tired of.

Then, there’s Ray Garofalo (R 7/10). He was once on the dark side with the likes of Schexnayder. However, having been shown the light, many on the Constitutional Conservative side of the spectrum consider him redeemed from his past error. Now, Ray Garofalo (R 7/10) fights for the New Louisiana that so many of us are working toward.


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