PRESS RELEASE: Citizens for a New Louisiana launches information campaign


As part of our mission to inform the public, Citizens for a New Louisiana launched an information campaign on twelve state representatives and senators who blindly supported leadership’s desire to exceed the state’s spending limits. That measure was Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 (SCR 3) crafted by Senate President Page Cortez (R 1/10) and carried in the House by Speaker Clay Schexnayder (R 1/10).

“Citizens for a New Louisiana was founded on the concept that if the average citizen knew the terrible things that went on in government, perhaps our officials would stop doing them,” said Executive Director, Michael Lunsford. In early July, CFNL launched an information campaign to bring awareness to the Louisiana legislature’s budget debacle which occurred in the closing moments of the 2023 regular session.

The excessive spending even appears to have caught big-spending Governor John Bel Edwards off guard. In his veto memo he wrote, “The overall magnitude of the bill as finally passed is far beyond the state’s capacity to fund it in any reasonable way…” Continuing, he said, the “5-year capital outlay budget … is well over a 10-year plan.” He concluded his memo by predicting that our next legislature will be forced to make drastic cuts.

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In the first phase of this campaign, Citizens for a New Louisiana has sent approximately 70,000 video text messages, 60,000 social media video impressions, and 21,000 direct mail pieces, so far, into the districts of numerous elected officials. The twelve members in this round include: Scott McKnight (R 5/10), Buddy Mincey (R 2/10), Paula Davis (R 3/10), Tanner Magee (R 2/10), Bob Owen (R 6/10), John Stefanski (R 5/10), Larry Bagley (R 3/10), Jerome Zeringue (R 3/10), Mark Wright (R 7/10), Robert Mills (R 7/10), Mark Abraham (R 3/10), and Bret Allain (R 7/10).

Original videos and materials

Official Press Release

Tanner Magee: Facebook VideoOriginal Videoinformational mail piece

Paula Davis: Facebook VideoOriginal Videoinformational mail piece

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Buddy Mincey: Facebook VideoOriginal Videoinformational mail piece

Larry Bagley: Facebook VideoOriginal Videoinformational mail piece

Scott McKnight: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

Jerome “Zee” Zeringue: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

John Stefanski: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

Mark Abraham: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

Mark Wright: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

Bret Allain: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

Bob Owen: Facebook VideoOriginal Video

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