Republican Self Destruction

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With friends like these, who needs enemies? Louisiana republicans are incapable of uniting even with a super majority. Democrat Ted James runs the speaker and the house. Maybe he is the leader everyone needs. You don’t see democrats sacrificing each other in a fight for power. This is exactly what happened with Representative Ray Garofalo (R).

Twisting Words

During an education committee meeting, Chairman Ray Garofalo used the phrase “the good, the bad, and the the ugly” in expressing how important it is to cover the entire subject. Representative Stephanie Hilferty (R) saw this as opportunity. Before he could finish his sentence she cut him off with a twist of his own words.

Ted James used this moment of republican division to demand Speaker of the House Schexnayder (R) remove Garofalo from his chairman position. When it all came to a head and Garofalo let everyone know he was told to step down for the remainder of the session, Schexnayder denied removing him.

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Cancel Garofalo

On May 26, 2021 Garofalo attempted to chair the education committee meeting. Witnesses say Schexnayder called the committee members to his office before the meeting began. Although citizens traveled to Baton Rouge to attend this public meeting, the committee members disregarded them and played politics. Legislators refused to do their job! Only Representative Garafalo and Representative Amedee (R) showed up. This was not enough for a quorum, so they were unable to have the meeting.

When it was time to debate bills on the floor, Schexnayder insisted education bills will not be heard. Although there is a time crunch Schexnayder is well aware of, he insisted on returning bills back to the calendar. While the words could not be heard, the body language during a conversation between Representative Valarie Hodges and the Speaker proved him to be unwilling to budge

Pandering at its Finest

How much pandering can one man do in a day? The answer: A lot. After the house dismissed Schexnayder put out a formal statement that he chose to go with Ted James wishes. Schexnayder effectively killed the only bill banning Critical Race Theory in Louisiana schools. Similar bills have passed in other states with an overwhelming majority. Read the full statement below.

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