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No fiscal impact?

That "no fiscal impact" box always seems to be ticked on ordinances coming out of local government. Whether or not they actually believe there will be no fiscal impact remains to be proven. We've seen it so very many times, that it was finally time to take a really good look at one of these. Turns out we were right. It's just another unnecessary project, another bridge to nowhere, another taxpayer funded boondoggle.

Lafayette’s Downtown Shakedown

If Anita Begnaud has her preference, you'll never find out that smack in the middle of Festival International she'll be asking downtown for a fifteen-year, fifty-percent (for now) property tax hike. If approved, the new tax will collect $447,840. However, a whopping ninety-five percent (95%) of that money, will be going to pay "operational expenses," such as salaries and operations; with the lion's share (96%) of that going straight to employee compensation.

Anita Begnaud loves taxes

Unprecedented 8% tax increases on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, the City and Parish Council agendas include unprecedented tax increases of around eight-percent (8%). What makes this unique isn't the amount of the increase, but that, for the first time in the history of the Lafayette councils, they...

Team Carlee’s revenge?

Reminder: red text links to source material. No one expected that the Lafayette Republican Party would be the point of the spear in Lafayette's recent Mayoral race. That's because their engagement was far and above what any local party has attained across the...

Team Carlee's Revenge

This is NOT reapportionment

While the council may have previously reapportioned by ordinance (per state law) when the voters in a precinct exceed 2,200, or fall below 300. Neither of those things have happened here, therefore this does not fit the definition of reapportionment.  We delved...

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