Blake Miguez

District: House District 49
Moon Griffon Nickname:
Parishes: ,
Seat mate: Vanessa LaFleur
Phone: 337-937-8827   call

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Instagram: blake.miguez

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Before the Veto Override Session began the political games were in full swing. From legislators not showing up to the governor admitting he made threats and promises to whip votes, the people never stood a chance at being represented. Inability to Perform Duties...

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Jamie Pope contributed (greatly) to this article. Governor Edwards vetoed thirty-one (31) bills in the 2021 regular session. There are two that have garnered most of the attention. However, as we'll outline below, a large number of these vetoes kill very good...

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Earlier today, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced his acquiescence to allowing Louisiana's small businesses to reopen. Officially, Louisiana is moving into Phase One of Donald Trump's plan to reopen the national economy. Convincing the governor was no...

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