Three Constitutional Carry Bills you should know about

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During the current legislative special session, two esteemed lawmakers, Rep. Danny McCormick and Sen. Blake Miguez, have taken a bold step to expanding the rights of law-abiding citizens. Proposing a series of constitutional carry bills, HB12 and SB1, authored by McCormick and Miguez respectively, aim to empower individuals who are legally entitled to possess firearms by granting them the additional freedom to carry concealed weapons without the need for additional permits or unnecessary restrictions.

Furthermore, Sen. Miguez’s SB2 seeks to address a crucial aspect of constitutional carry that often remains overlooked – the potential legal liability faced by those who choose to exercise their right to concealed carry. This provision is critically important as it serves as a shield for law-abiding citizens. By limiting the liability of individuals who responsibly and prudently choose to carry concealed weapons, this bill ensures that they are not unduly burdened or deterred from exercising their constitutional rights due to the fear of legal consequences.

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In my opinion, the introduction of these bills by Rep. Danny McCormick and Sen. Blake Miguez represents a core tenant of our country’s founders. This effort to champion the rights of law-abiding citizens expands the scope of constitutional carry and safeguards responsible individuals from unwarranted legal ramifications. When passed, Louisiana citizens can exercise their Second Amendment rights without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles or undue fears.

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