Encourage Josh Guillory to Veto tax increases

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Last night, the Lafayette Parish Council inexplicably raised taxes on parish residents and businesses by an estimated $611,000. Even though Josh Carlson (R 9/10) asked what logic was used to justify the increase, no member of the council had a decent answer. In fact, some council members appeared to have gotten a hold of some misinformation about the commercial property tax revenues being on a decline. Thankfully, tax assessor Conrad Comeaux was present to dispel this narrative. Normally a huge pro-tax proponent, he typically encourages taxing authorities to levy taxes at the highest level allowed by law. This time was different, though. Comeaux said that ad valorem (property) tax revenue was actually on the rise.

Nevertheless, four members of the Parish council voted to amend the ad valorem (property) tax ordinance to increase the millages beyond what was proposed. Then, when Josh Carlson (R 9/10) proposed a compromise amendment to lessen the level of increase, he was unable to get a second.

What was in the mind of these council members? Why would anyone who calls themselves fiscally conservative wait until the last moment, surprise everyone, and foist a tax increase on the local population? It defies all logic.

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Encourage Josh Guillory to veto this tax increase

With Bidenflation in full swing, is now really the best time to raise taxes? Portions of Lafayette Parish already pay the highest sales taxes in the entire nation. Are we trying to increase property taxes to match?

The council has tried this before. Way back in 2020, there was an attempt to raise taxes. At that time Josh Guillory stood strong and vetoed the largess. Unfortunately, now it’s time for him to do it again. While a 4:1 vote appears to be veto-proof, it most certainly is not. Like a defibrillator, sometimes a veto provides the necessary shock to correct an abnormal heartbeat and return it to a proper rhythm.

Call Josh Guillory’s office at 337-291-8300, or email Josh Guillory at [email protected]. Be polite, but encourage him to once again rise to the occasion and block this unnecessary expansion of local government.


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