CAUGHT! Librarian Concealing Social Justice Push from Parents


Welcome to our latest investigative report. In today’s video, we uncover a story that’s sparking conversations across communities in Louisiana. At the heart of it is a leader of a state-wide school librarian association whose efforts to integrate sexual and social justice themes into children’s reading programs have caught the attention of parents, educators, and policymakers alike.

Followers may remember Amanda Jones, the librarian who gained attention through her failed lawsuit seeking a gag order against our work. However, recently uncovered revelations have shed light on previously unknown information. It turns out that way back in March of 2021 before all the controversy erupted, Jones participated in a podcast interview with School Librarians United.

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During this interview, she openly discussed her strategies for surreptitiously introducing sexual and social justice concepts to vulnerable children, all while keeping it hidden from their unsuspecting parents. This interview serves as undeniable evidence that this type of covert behavior has been occurring in Louisiana for years. The proof, straight from the source, reveals the true extent of these concerning practices.

As we dive in, we’ll explore the delicate balance between educational content and societal values and the role of libraries in shaping young minds. Stay with us as we uncover the motives, reactions, and broader impacts of this school librarian association’s approach to sex and social justice in children’s education. Whether you’re a parent, an educator, or simply concerned about the direction of our educational institutions, this is a story you won’t want to miss.

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