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Lafayette Public Library Drag Queen Petition

Lafayette Public Library Petition

If you were as disappointed to hear that the Lafayette Public Library is sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Time event, then sign the petition below. We’ll compile the list and deliver it to the Lafayette City/Parish Council Clerk….

Guillory blocks Lafayette parking fee hike

On January 15, 2021 the Lafayette Consolidated Government informed the public that changes were being made to the parking meter rates in Downtown Lafayette. According to the post, the rates will be increased 100%, going from 50¢ to $1.00 per hour. Monitoring will be...

Amite City Councilman arrested for Voter Fraud

While most of the nation is questioning election integrity, Louisiana is dealing with its own case of voter fraud. On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Landry said that an arrest had been made. The only detail given was that it was a Louisiana city councilman. There was...

Who really owns Vermilionville?

Michael Martin, board president of Vermilionville Living History Museum Foundation, seems to think they own Vermilionville. Watch as I debunk this myth over and over and over again - not with my opinion, but by numerous, official documents.

Vermilionville: We don’t need no stinking’ audit!

Remember, red links take you to source documents and other great content. Recently, I broke the news that Vermilionville cost the Bayou Vermilion District $1 MILLION last year. In fact, the losses have been steadily increasing since 2008, which is the earliest date...

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