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Legislative Scorecard

by Editorial Staff | August 2023
Our updated legislative scorecard is the only thing of its kind in the entire state of Louisiana. It’s specifically designed so legislators will not be able to hack a higher score by selectively coordinated final votes. This is the truest gauge for how your legislator is doing in Baton Rouge…

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National Public Radio
John Burnett

National Public Radio

Citizens for a New Louisiana [is] the same group behind the conservative takeover of the Lafayette library board.

National Public Radio
Tovia Smith

National Public Radio

Citizens for a New Louisiana is keeping a close eye on how current library board members are voting. If that makes current members fearful, Lunsford says, that's the point.

The Advocate
Megan Wyatt

Acadiana Advocate

It was not until the question was raised by the Citizens for a New Louisiana that a runoff election was held.

USA Today
Alia Wong

USA Today

Michael Lunsford runs Citizens for a New Louisiana, a government watchdog nonprofit, ... who has called out Jones and other library leaders.

American Library Association
Holly Eberle

American Library Association

The whole area is being controlled by a political group called Citizens for a New Louisiana.

Clair Taylor


In Louisiana, the movement [to remove or reshelve sexually explicit books] started in Lafayette in 2021 when ... the conservative nonprofit Citizens for a New Louisiana filed an objection.

Los Angeles Times
Jeffrey Fleishman

Los Angeles Times

A defamation suit [Amanda Jones] filed against ... the conservative group Citizens for a New Louisiana, was dismissed.

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