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Lafayette Public Library Drag Queen Petition

Lafayette Public Library Petition

If you were as disappointed to hear that the Lafayette Public Library is sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Time event, then sign the petition below. We’ll compile the list and deliver it to the Lafayette City/Parish Council Clerk….

The cancel culture wants me gone!

Our research was the catalyst that put $10 MILLION toward fixing Lafayette's flooding problems. What thanks do I get? The cancel culture wants me gone! Don't let that happen, join Citizens for a New Louisiana right here 👇👇👇...

Why Would JBE and Page Cortez Waste $3.2 Billion?

Louisiana improperly paid out more than $405 million in unemployment between January 2020 and September 2020. Even with this level of incompetence, John Bel Edwards and Page Cortez find replenishing this trust fund a top priority. Garret Graves and other officials are...

What’s wrong with us?

Recently, someone brought to my attention that National Public Radio's number one song of 2020 was the basest form of filth anyone has seen or heard in a long time. One article suggests that the song wasn't given that noble title due to the quality of the music but...

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