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The cancel culture wants me gone!

The cancel culture wants me gone!

Our research was the catalyst that put $10 MILLION toward fixing Lafayette's flooding problems. What thanks do I get? The cancel culture wants me gone! Don't let that happen, join Citizens for a New Louisiana right here 👇👇👇...

Lafayette Public Library Drag Queen Petition

Lafayette Public Library Petition

If you were as disappointed to hear that the Lafayette Public Library is sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Time event, then sign the petition below. We’ll compile the list and deliver it to the Lafayette City/Parish Council Clerk….

Money Talks: Central City Hall Plans Thwarted

After 25 years, City officials and citizens agreed on a property for Central City Hall. When it was time to move forward, a million dollar carrot was dangled in front of their noses. Now, Central is back to square one. Back to studies, negotiations, and a city...

New Life Coming To Cortana

If you have traveled down Florida Boulevard near Oak Villa and Airline Highway you are likely familiar with the eyesore that has become of Cortana Mall. Most of the businesses are shut down. Landscaping is overgrown and resembles scenes from post apocalyptic movies....

Let the Indoctrination Begin

Universities have turned into a cesspool of liberal ideology over the years. Pushing hard left leaning fallacies on our children and punishing the students who do not believe in such behavior. Joe Biden is now making it acceptable for these institutions to join his,...

BRPD Fires Officer in Big Cover Up

Baton Rouge was the 5th deadliest city in 2018 according to the FBI's Crime in the United States data. The first step in addressing any issue is awareness. However, Baton Rouge Police Chief, Murphy Paul disagrees. When the Baton Rouge Police Union launched a campaign...

Guillory blocks Lafayette parking fee hike

On January 15, 2021 the Lafayette Consolidated Government informed the public that changes were being made to the parking meter rates in Downtown Lafayette. According to the post, the rates will be increased 100%, going from 50¢ to $1.00 per hour. Monitoring will be...

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