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Legislative Scorecard

by Editorial Staff | August 2023
Our updated legislative scorecard is the only thing of its kind in the entire state of Louisiana. It’s specifically designed so legislators will not be able to hack a higher score by selectively coordinated final votes. This is the truest gauge for how your legislator is doing in Baton Rouge…

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NBC News
Tyler Kingkade

NBC News

Citizens for a New Louisiana spoke at the meeting in favor of restrictions on books with sexual content.

National Public Radio
John Burnett

National Public Radio

Citizens for a New Louisiana [is] the same group behind the conservative takeover of the Lafayette library board.

former Lafayette councilman

Kenneth Boudreaux

[Citizens for a New Louisiana's Michael Lunsford is] the most powerful Republican in Lafayette.

Valarie Hodges
State Legislator / 5 August 2023

Valarie Hodges

[Citizens for a New Louisiana] works very, very hard to let the public know what’s going on. Without them and what they do nobody knows anything except what the elite leftists media wants them to know. Thank GOD for their answering the call to be our voice to the state.

Clay Higgins
US Congressman / 19 July 2023

Clay Higgins

Citizens for a New Louisiana has changed the trajectory of the entire state of Louisiana for the better.

The Advocate
Megan Wyatt

Acadiana Advocate

It was not until the question was raised by the Citizens for a New Louisiana that a runoff election was held.

National Public Radio
Tovia Smith

National Public Radio

Lunsford spent years raising the heat leading a stealthy but steady campaign that replaced members of the library board who, from his perspective, were not quite on board.

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