Why are there erotic books in the Library’s kids section?


Well, I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you this. However, if I don’t, you may never know what lurks in your local Library’s children section. Don’t worry, I’m not showing you the inside of the books in this video – but if you want to see them for yourself, I’ll provide some links to sample content.

These are the round-one books:

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and here’s round two;

If the limited samples on this website upset you, let me tell you, first hand, that the samples are not the worst in any of these books. Picking up one of these at the library to flip through will provide quite a bit you’ll never be able un-see or un-read. Most of them contain vivid accounts of sex acts, and / or detailed instructions on how to perform them on “boys” and “girls.”

Target age on the guide to dating and sex for a teen boy is age 9. It contains a diagram including instructions on what pleasureful things to try on yourself and others. And, yes, it’s in the library’s kids’ section. “The V-Word” is probably the worst of the bunch. Its target age is 14. Remember, Louisiana’s age of consent is 17.

If you want to request a review of these books by the library, you’ll have to fill out this form and hand deliver it or mail it to the library. The libraries should have some of these forms on hand, if you’d prefer to visit a local branch, peruse a few of these books, and fill out your form in-person.

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