What’s wrong with us?


Recently, someone brought to my attention that National Public Radio’s number one song of 2020 was the basest form of filth anyone has seen or heard in a long time. One article suggests that the song wasn’t given that noble title due to the quality of the music but because the subject matter insults those despised by NPR’s editorial board: good, moral American taxpayers. Almost in support of the allegation, NPR’s own announcement even uses the word “raunchy” to describe the song. So, while National Public Radio may hate you, they certainly don’t hate your money. Without your tax dollars paying their bills, this kind of filth promotion would never have happened.

In times past, this sleazy subculture used its own money to promote rampant promiscuity, the objectifying and demeaning of women, and trying to convince our children that it’s all normal. Now it’s called “woke” and it’s using your tax dollars in an effort to shift our culture. Every upstanding American that’s appalled by children being exposed to these kinds of messages should be equally energetic in seeing that none of their money is going to support it.

It’s terrible, but what can we do about it?

The reason these organizations are shockingly successful is wholly thanks to the backing of a nearly endless supply of your tax dollars. While refusing to pay taxes isn’t really an option (without jail time), there are areas where an average citizen can have an impact. Specifically, in your local government.

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This same garbage they’re idealizing nationally is also being pushed by your local government. It’s exactly what happened a few years ago in Lafayette, Louisiana, when the local library tried to institute a drag event for three-year-olds. A large number of local pastors and a record-breaking crowd appeared at the library board and city-parish council meetings. They demanded that the culture war can get along just fine without taxpayers funding one side over another. Those demands were met by stone-faced library board members and city-parish councilmen. While that event was ultimately defeated, it was no thanks to any of these elected or appointed “leaders” responsible for the local library.

The Library board’s excuse was the event wasn’t on the meeting agenda. As such, there was nothing they could do about it. What they didn’t tell you is who writes the agendas: the same library director who was pushing the demented, overtly sexual event on toddlers. Of course it wasn’t on the agenda! The director set up the event herself and didn’t even ask for permission. Then, when the heat was on, she gave the board an out: it’s not on the agenda, so you don’t have to take a controversial stand for or against. Just sit down and keep your mouth shut. That’s exactly what they did.

Then, she must have provided the same insights to the board’s boss, the Lafayette City-Parish Council. There is no right answer to this, Mr. and Mrs. Councilman. If you take a stand either way, you’ll just make someone mad. Never mind 90% of the local population was outraged – and representatives are elected to stick with their constituency. None of that mattered. As a result, enough councilmen abstained from the non-binding resolution that it failed. Think about the power that this one unelected bureaucrat had over eighteen elected and appointed representatives of the people. Now, multiply that power by 2,418. According to page 158 of the School System’s annual report, that’s how many other “public servants” the City-Parish of Lafayette employed in 2019.

Here’s where you come in.

The average American that’s completely outraged by this behavior is also unsure of what power they have to effect change. Truthfully, there’s not much you can do directly about NPR’s song of the year. However, you can absolutely get engaged locally and put a stop to funding immoral and Anti-American garbage that’s being poured into the minds of our children.

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When this happened locally, Citizens for a New Louisiana won the battle. However, we knew they’d be back unless we could cut off their supply lines. That’s when we asked ourselves a few questions. Who are these people who hold the power to protect our children but refuse to wield it? How did they get there? Well, in every parish in Louisiana, the Library Board is appointed by the Parish Council. It was a wake up call to those who were too focused on their jobs, kids homework, baseball or dance practice, and the thousand other things that keep hard-working people busy. With focus and determination, the local Lafayette community finally stood together. Many began applying to the Parish Council for consideration to serve on the library board.

Fast-forward a few years. Now, only two of the original nine library board members remain. As a bonus, when the library’s gradual but cumulatively major cultural shift became evident, the library director responsible for all the controversy abruptly stepped down. Now we can be confident that the library will no longer be promoting overtly sexual events for toddlers at taxpayer expense. At least not for the foreseeable future. We’ve also successfully repeated this process across several government boards that had abdicated all of their power to the directors they employed.

Get involved!

While Citizens for a New Louisiana is not in every parish, we are working to make things better one city and parish at a time. Right now, we’re strongest in Acadiana, have a brand-new chapter in Baton Rouge, and are actively working to open a chapter in Lake Charles. If you’re in any of these areas, we desperately need more hard-working families and business owners to join the effort as volunteers, employees, or financial contributors.

If you’re wanting to make a difference but unsure on where to engage, reach out and we’ll connect you with a place you can serve. Keep in mind that we’re also looking to actually hire people to be in charge of specific issues as a real job. As such, we’re looking for talented team leaders and some additional financial resources to hire them. If you’re interested in working with us as an employee, feel free to email me to set up a time to visit.

If you can help us hire a team leader by becoming a financial contributor, please reach out to me directly. We’ll sit down and chat about the numerous, specific positions we’re looking to bring on board right now. These aren’t hypothetical positions or people. We already have specific goals and a very impressive waiting list of corresponding, qualified people.


Don’t just sit there, do something!

Citizens for a New Louisiana is the only organization in Louisiana dedicated to reforming local government. With the help of numerous volunteers we are making some progress. However, there’s much more work we could be doing. Making a difference will take a little more than reading an article every now and then. Your community doesn’t need another spectator. They need someone willing to step onto the field and become a real part of the solution.

Help us to achieve the vision of creating a new, propserous state by becoming a Citizen of a New Louisiana. Become a Citizen Make a Donation Tax Deductible Gifts

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