We’re Winning the War Against Library Infiltration


We are under attack! The very culture and traditions of Western Civilization are the targets of a global Marxist egalitarian agenda. Before you run off thinking this is hyperbole or a tin-foil conspiracy theory, really take some time to examine the facts. For years now we have been telling you that the moving force behind the sexualization of children has been the American Library Association. The good news is the other side is deathly afraid that we’re winning.


Truthout, is a self-described non-profit news organization based in Sacramento, California. They’re focusing on “social justice issues.” One example is a recently published article entitled “Louisiana Communities Organize to Defend Libraries From Far Right Censorship.” The organization could more accurately be called “Out of Truth” as their truth account seems to be running at a deficit. The article refers to Citizens for a New Louisiana as an “extremist movement” waging a far-right battle against libraries with the full support of the Louisiana state government!

We doubt many of our viewers have had an opportunity to see the piece (of trash), but those who follow Denise Skinner’s Lafayette [fake] Republicans Facebook page may have. Apparently, Mrs. Skinner believes that Republicans in Lafayette are so dumb that they would actually believe this junk. It’s no surprise though. We are talking about the same Denise Skinner who hijacked the Facebook page of the Lafayette Republican Parish Executive Committee, is presently being sued for her acts, was removed from the LRPEC, and has made several posts in support of the extreme leftist who continues to defend keeping sexually explicit materials in the children’s section of our libraries! That position is not a representation of traditional, conservative values. She’s yet another example of a leftist in disguise (RINO) who is out of truth.

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Emily Drabinski is credited as the author of the recent Truthout article. Their site describes her as being a “critical pedagogy librarian at CUNY (City University of New York) Graduate Center.” Critical pedagogy is just another offshoot of the Frankfurt school and the incendiary and ludicrous Critical Race Theory.

Drabinski has written and published several papers which give insight into her worldview, including:

Emily Drabinski Marxist tweet

She deleted that tweet some time later. However, the internet is forever.

But there is no need to speculate about Drabinksi’s political leanings as she proudly proclaims herself as being a “Marxist” and in fact did so in a public Tweet following her election to President of the American Library Association.

That’s right! Drabinksi, a self-avowed Marxist, is now the President of the American Library Association. Once again, the American Library Association has pointed their finger directly at Citizens for a New Louisiana as an indication of just how very effective this organization has become on this issue.

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For years libraries across the United States have relied on the American Library Association as an impartial resource to seek out information and resources to benefit their local library. Those days are gone. According to their own, newly elected president, no longer can the ALA be trusted to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Thankfully, libraries in the state of Louisiana are overseen by local Boards of Control. These local Boards are tasked with applying contemporary community standards, not Marxist ideology being peddled from the epicenters of immorality in Sacramento and New York. Unless you live in an area of the state where local politicians are virtue signaling or catering to infinitesimal minority groups, chances are you can have a large impact on your local library Board. You can even be a part of the solution and serve on the Board yourself!


The individuals who want to sexualize our children and expose them to erotic materials are a very small minority. It’s likely that they represent less than 1% of the population. They have highjacked the terms gay, queer and lesbian and would like you to believe that all non-heterosexuals are aligned with them. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many in this small group of agitators aren’t even members of the LGBT community, whom they purport to represent.

While the left wing establishment media will jump on any type of sexual allegation which cast the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, police officers, or any other reputable organizations and professions into disrepute it will outright ignore pedophile rings originating out of leftist movements. Clearly, there is no greater mission than protecting our children. Culture is what directs our political future. We must support our local Library Boards of Control as they strive to maintain their own local community standards.


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