Republican Party sues Denice Skinner

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On Monday, October 17th, 2022, someone spotted Denice Skinner walking in downtown Lafayette, near the gaping hole where the Mouton statue used to be. She was animated, frazzled hair whipping in the breeze, and yelling into her cell phone. Now we know why…

Regular readers will recall that a few months ago she decided to take her ball, but not go home. Instead, she chose to stick around to agitate and torment the other members of the local Republican Party. Skinner’s presence has caused so much turmoil that, rather than subject themselves to her noise and vitriol, Joyce Linde, Jason Cullins, and Dustin Arnaud have all resigned. Including the three resignations and Skinner’s removal, there are now four (4) open seats on the Party’s fourteen (14) member executive committee.

Her drama has also caused the remaining members of the Republican Party to vote her off the island. All of that has been covered in vivid detail by this organization. If you want to a full review, recommended reading includes: Lafayette Republican Swipes $35,797 and Procedural Jiu Jitsu.

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Come and take it

It’s become clear that their former member, Denice Skinner, has no intention of being a team player. That’s public now thanks to an October 13th court filing, where the Lafayette Republican Party has officially moved beyond the “asking nicely” phase of negotiations. Earlier, Skinner was forcibly removed from the Lafayette Republican Party by a 2/3 vote of its members. As a further escalation of the clash between Skinner and her former party, the law suit alleges that Denice Skinner absconded with the Republican Party’s Facebook page, worth $35,000. It turns out that she was served with court documents on the aforementioned Monday, October 17th.

The court filing also says that Denice Skinner refused the party’s ultimatum of either returning the Facebook page or the $35,000 they paid her for its creation and management. Skinner’s “come and take it” attitude alone is responsible for this unprecedented legal action.

Skinner “called their bluff” …but they weren’t bluffing

Since Denice Skinner has abjectly refused to return the page or the money, the party is now seeking both by way of this lawsuit. If that’s not bad enough for Skinner, the suit also requests the court grant all of the Republican Party’s legal expenses. If the schism isn’t resolved quickly, legal fees alone could quickly move into five figures. Add that to the $35,000 they’re asking of the court and this little temper tantrum may prove to be quite expensive for her.

Legal expenses being a few hundred dollars in filing fees and a few hours of their attorneys’ time should not have reached a significant level yet. The most expedient solution for Skinner right now is to quickly make restitution and move on. That could be as simple as offering to return the stolen Facebook page. However, with all of the pain and suffering she’s caused, including collateral damage to the Republican Party’s members, name, and reputation, it’s entirely possible that the party has moved well beyond accepting such an offer.

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