The Library’s $18 MILLION Drag Queen Obsession


During the April, 2018, election cycle, our research efforts exposed the library’s ever-growing $42.3 MILLION surplus. This is perhaps the single largest contributing factor to their losing one of three dedicated property taxes. That defeated tax breathed its last in 2018 and will no longer be collected moving forward. That leaves the library with two more taxes. One of which could return as early as next year (2020).

Since that failed tax election, the out-of-touch director decided to organize and put on a drag show for toddlers at taxpayers’ expense. It created a national stir and enraged citizens, voters, and elected officials alike. Now it appears that the Lafayette Public Library’s Drag Queen for Toddlers obsession may have just cost them $18 MILLION.

According to insiders, the upcoming City/Parish Council meeting will include discussions on another ding to the library. Although the proposal to remove $18 million in surplus funds is low in our opinion (why  not $40 million?), it’s a clear signal that the Library’s leadership have lost the confidence of just about everyone. As yet, there’s no word if Director Teresa Elberson plans to follow the example of former Library Board President, Joseph Gordon-Wiltz, by resigning.

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With voter approval, $18 million sitting in the Library’s reserves will be moved to core government functions such as drainage, road and bridge maintenance. The rededication vote will come before the city/parish council on January 22nd. If passed, it should appear on a parish-wide ballot in May alongside the council’s recently passed Teche-Vermilion Fresh Water District tax renewal.


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