Our local media couldn’t find a news story if it hit them in the face


The local news media has, once again, failed you. Instead of exposing a scam to extract $200,000 from the taxpayers, they’re along for the ride! GREAT NEWS tax payers! Their ship has come in and YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT!

Way back in December, I told the city council exactly how this would go. The people responsible for five new taxing districts just set it up so THEY could get paid. Here we a little more than a year later, and I’ve been completely vindicated. Their “administrative fee” bill is $200,000! Who’s getting in on it?

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  • Charles “Pro Bono” Landry, from Fishman Haygood’s cut is $50,000
  • “Fix the Charter” and Team Carlee’s Kevin Blanchard and former Governor Kathleen Blanco’s daughter, Monique Boulet, will split $100,000 (although not equally)
  • Some unnamed accounting firm (that’s probably going to do the real work) is getting $50,000.

In the Trappey district alone, an invoice of $40,000 is due against a fund balance of only $1,581!

No, no. Pay no attention to the story. Let’s just look at the Advocate’s little photo gallery, and everything will be okay.


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