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Louisiana has never had a serious non-profit focused on local public policy issues – until now. Even with such a short time in existence, Citizens for a New Louisiana has already been dubbed, “the most influential voice in Lafayette.” That compliment hasn’t come from our friends, but from those who oppose common-sense government policies. The truth is, many of our friends don’t even realize how successful we are.

Recently, someone not typically aligned with us on issues said Citizens “has a disproportionate amount of influence given the number of people involved.” Imagine the positive change that could be achieved in Lafayette, and across the state, if we were blessed with adequate resources to address all of the issues before us?

Here’s a note we sent out a few days ago to a short list of volunteers and supporters. They are excited about the strides that Citizens for a New Louisiana has made in 2019, and even more excited about our prospects in 2020. They’ve asked me to forward this update on to you, our regular readers, with the goal of bringing the entire community together under a united, common-sense banner in 2020.

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Krystal and her family

Krystal and her family

As many of us are already celebrating the Christmas season with our loved ones, I wanted to take a little time letting you know how Citizens for a New Louisiana is growing. Many who will receive this email have been instrumental as a volunteer or contributor in the past. Now that Citizens is turning the page and opening a new chapter, your continued support is more important than ever.

The toughest part of growth for any small business is identifying and hiring their first employee. While Citizens for a New Louisiana isn’t a traditional small business, growing from one employee to two is an incredibly important step in our ability to do more for the local community. The quality of the person hired is the single most important component, and I’ll tell you more about her in a moment. However, the financial component is of equal importance. As a non-profit, we are wholly dependent upon the generosity of donors to operate so bringing on an employee can be a huge financial risk.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we’re able to cover a good part of the expense. We just can’t cover it all. That’s why I’m asking for your support. Without you, we simply can’t make this very important growth step happen. We’re seeking new monthly pledges totaling $1,000 to be able to finish bringing Krystal on part-time. Many hands make light work. No monthly pledge is too large or too small.

If you can help, simply reply to this email with the details of your financial gift. That’ll let me know to reach out in a few days to set everything up. You can also help immediately by contributing here:

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At the same time we started praying about finding the right person, Mrs. Krystal Rushing had been praying about making a larger impact in local public policy. She had already been doing tremendous things in the pro-life movement as one of the key people at the Desormeaux Foundation. However, she astutely perceived that the local conservative movement needed to expand our influence over many other key issues.

She reached out and then stepped out in faith to prove her value – and prove it she did. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Krystal so far. She’s taking initiative and doing things without requiring any direction. She finds things she can take over and get finished so I can work on the things that only I can do. She’s been an absolute godsend.

Krystal also works full-time as a registered nurse. Several doctors she works with have been incredibly complimentary of her drive and work ethic. When something was dragging on and just not getting done, they’d ask Krystal to take charge of it. The skill and speed with which she takes care of complex issues has impressed them all.

If you can help us get Krystal’s hard work fully funded, please reply to this email. Without you, we simply can’t keep her on board.If you’d prefer, you can also donate instantly here:

More about Krystal.

Krystal and her family

Krystal and her family

After his planned career in the oilfield industry ended with a layoff, Krystal’s husband was forced to return to school. He is currently a full-time college student, making her the family’s sole breadwinner. They have two beautiful children, including a special-needs child with digeorge syndrome. It requires nightly injections, weekly infusions, and 8 hours a week of therapy. Even so, as a hard-worker and dedicated mother, she’s determined that her family make their own way, refusing government assistance.

She loves working at Citizens, but the immense responsibility she’s shouldered for her family means we need to step up.

Krystal and her family

Krystal and her family

I believe Krystal was hand selected to help us move Citizens for a New Louisiana into a new chapter of transparency and accountability in Government. Her work history as a nurse, her diligent and incredible work at the Desormeaux Foundation, her unique ability to identify and engage volunteers in meaningful ways, her sphere of friends, and her tenacious, straightforward nature are all more than I could have ever hoped for in such a valuable supplement to our team.

The fact that she will be our very first addition will set a high bar for future additions and put us on a trajectory for great success in the future. Can I count on you to be an important part of this incredible opportunity? Please say, “yes,” and let me know how you can help. Of course, the website is the fastest way to get involved:


We’re the only organization holding them accountable.

Our deep research takes a tremendous amount of time and resources. After reading this article, you can probably understand why the government isn’t funding our work. In fact, they probably wish we’d just go away. That’s why we depend on the generosity of concerned citizens like you.

We’re seeing a record number of new monthly contributors and one-time donors. These are people just like you. They’re tired of the local news constantly taking the side of government, pushing higher taxes and lower expectations. Are you one of them? Join us now.

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