Another Boo-Boo by K-Bou


Kenneth Boudreaux is gone, at least from the Fire and Police Civil Service Board. As we previously reported Boudreaux resigned on Monday, January 9, 2023 citing a ‘recently discovered’ violation of law. Boudreaux was recommended by ULL President Joseph (“T-Joe) Savoie and unanimously appointed to the Board by the Lafayette City Council on August 2, 2022.


Louisiana Revised Statute 33:2476(B)(2)(c)(i) states:

No member of a board shall be a candidate for nomination or election to any public office or hold any other public office or position of public employment, except that of notary public, a military or naval official office, or that of a municipal fire or police department which is expressly required by the provisions of this Part.

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This, of course, is not Boudreaux’s first alleged conflict and/or violation of law. There has long been a political entanglement between Boudreaux and Garber, which we correctly termed Boudreaux’s $2.3 million dollar conflict of interest.

In his letter of resignation Boudreaux carefully makes the statement that he “unequivocally self-identified, and self-reported” his findings that he was breaking the law. What Boudreaux fails to mention is what he told members of the appointing authority.


Prior to his appointment to the Board by the Lafayette City Council, members of the appointing authority made inquiries into Boudreaux’s public employment by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff. In response Boudreaux flat out lied indicating that he was not an employee of the Sheriff. Just months later Boudreaux can be seen in Facebook post made by Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber in which the caption indicates Boudreaux is the CSU (Community Services Unit) Coordinator. So why the lies?




















It seems Boudreaux was foaming at the mouth to have his chance to exact his form of justice against the Lafayette Police Department, specifically Officer Pablo Estrada who was the subject of a public hearing on January 11, 2023. Boudreaux openly criticized the lawful and reasonable use of force by Estrada on his radio show just weeks following the incident. Then once appointed to the Board Boudreaux swore an oath that he would “faithfully and impartially discharge” the duties incumbent on him even though he had already reached a conclusion in the Estrada matter absent a review of the evidence in the case.

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Witnesses at the hearing on January 11, 2023, testified that former Chief of Police, Thomas Glover, was the only person who supported the termination of Estrada. While the attorney for the Lafayette City-Parish Government, Michael Corry, didn’t even argue that Estrada’s termination should be upheld.


It is no coincidence that Boudreaux ‘recently discovered’ that he was breaking the law just two days before a hearing was set to recuse him from sitting on the Board in the Estrada case. Boudreaux could have recused himself voluntarily, but his ego likely would not allow it. If a hearing were to continue in the matter, we understand Boudreaux was likely to be placed under oath to testify as a witness! Who knows what incriminating evidence would have flowed forth during his frequently hour-long bloviation. Boudreaux, instead, claimed ignorance to the law, accepted defeat and resigned his post. Would Boudreaux have implicated former Chief Glover, current Sheriff Garber, or others in an attack against Lafayette City Police Officers? We will have to wait to find out.


Many hours after we reported, Boudreaux announced his resignation in a Facebook video. In that video, he vowed to “Make Lafayette Great Again!” Boudreaux then went on to announce his intentions to run for Lafayette City Council. If Boudreaux truly wanted to make Lafayette great again he could simply resign from public employment and public life, instead of trying to prop up his tax payer supported house of cards.


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