You can help to open Louisiana’s economy as early as Monday afternoon


Here’s your opportunity, Louisiana. The house has approved a legislative version of the Seabaugh petition in the form of House Concurrent Resolution 9 (or HCR-9). It effectively strips the governor’s power to enforce his arbitrary mandates. It’s these mandates that have effectively shut down small businesses, some of which are now gone forever. It passed the house with a bipartisan vote of 66. However, the way a concurrent resolution works is the senate must also agree. That’s where you come in. Call your senator now and ask them to bring up this resolution for a vote on Monday. It’s critically important.

The senator you need to call is NOT Bill Cassidy or John Kennedy. You need to call your state senator. If you don’t know who that is, click this link below. Call, email, and call again. Our state economy could be open as early as Monday afternoon if you contact your senator right now.

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