Why we do what we do


We believe the voters are smart and will make good decisions if they are presented with all of the facts. However, only one side of the story generally gets told: the government needs more taxpayer money. The vacuum of alternative viewpoints and approaches has birthed numerous local groups. Very few of these groups have been fortunate enough to make any appreciable impact on local policy. They’ve tried showing up at the school board or council meetings where they’re mocked, derided, talked down to, ignored, and even arrested. That’s why our group is doing something new.

Voters are busy with home and work schedules and don’t have time to peruse a 417-page budget and 217-page annual financial report every year. So, we made it our mission to completely read, digest, and attempt to understand every single budget document since 2003 and every single comprehensive annual financial report since 2002. Presenting the unflattering information causes quite a stir not because it’s inaccurate or false but because it comes directly from those public documents that no one has been reading.

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