Two Democrats and Nine Republicans Vying For Late Congressman- Elect Luke Letlow’s Seat


The tragic loss of Congressman Elect Luke Letlow leaves behind some pretty big shoes to fill. While nobody wants to be the one to bring it up, Louisiana must elect someone to be congressman for it’s 5th congressional district. Qualifying for this position begins January 20, 2021

Luke Letlow beat Sandra “Candy” Christophe, Martin Lemelle, Representative Lance Harris, and Ouachita Parish Police Juror Scotty Robinson in November with 33.1% of all votes. He then beat Lance Harris in December’s runoff with 62.0%. The 5th district made a clear statement about who they wanted to represent them. Letlow’s values, goals to better his district, and desire to defend the constitution were just a few of the reasons his district believed in him.

While some of 2020’s contenders intend to run for the now vacant seat. there are 7 others hoping to secure the spot. That makes 2 Democrats and 9 Republicans campaigning against each other. Democratic votes will be somewhat consolidated. However, Republican votes will potentially be spread between 9 different candidates.

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Michael Echols, Chris Turner, Lance Harris, and Jack McFarland, are currently serving as representatives. Stewart Cathey is currently serving as a Senator. Many are familiar with them and where they stand on most issues.

Newcomers Julia Letlow, Sancha Smith, and Dustin Murphy also hope to win the seat. They have not served as elected officials but offer a lot in terms of being in touch with the people they wish to represent. The best thing about them just may be that they are not career politicians. In a time where people have lost faith in government, these fresh faces bring hope for a chance at being heard in DC instead of the same political games.

Julia Letlow is a Republican from Start, Louisiana. She is the mother of two young children. She is also Executive Assistant to the President for External Affairs and Strategic Communications at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Letlow has experience as a governmental liaison and has worked for political campaigns in north Louisiana.

Sancha Smith is a Republican from Opelousas, Louisiana. For 12 years Smith served as the State Director of Concerned Women of Louisiana, an anti abortion legislative action committee. She is also an author at Sancha previously served as legislative Liaison for Concerned Women for America.

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Dustin Murphy is a Republican from Eros, Louisiana. Murphy is a husband and father of two young children. Dustin is a welder by trade and works at Motion Industries. In 2020 Dustin Murphy ran for Congress against Bill Cassidy. As a constitutional conservative, Murphy is also a health freedom advocate.

Louisiana’s 5th district has many options to fill this seat. It is time for people to do their homework and know who they are voting for before they cast their vote. The “R” or “D” does not constitute honesty and transparency. That letter behind the name does not tell you about the person’s values and principles. Louisiana needs someone willing to fight and demand the voices of the people be heard. Maybe it is time for Louisiana to look at the working class father or the mother who has spent years advocating for her children. These are the people who will represent the citizens of Louisiana. These are the people just wanting to make Louisiana better.

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