Tim Lazaroe Appointed to Fill Vacated District 1 Council Seat


The City of Central

Former Central City Councilman Aaron Moak announced his run for East Baton Rouge Metro Council and was ultimately elected. This left a vacant spot for Central’s District 1. Moak was previously a contender for Mayor Pro Tempore when members of the city council unsuccessfully tried to overthrow current Mayor Pro Tempore, Wade Evans.

Upon being sworn in to the East Baton Rouge Metro Council, Aaron Moak’s District 1 seat was vacant. Central posted a notice and application to the official website. One person applied.



Tim Lazaroe was appointed to the council on January 12, 2021. Lazaroe has been a deputy with East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office for 28 years. He is currently a Reserve Lieutenant, or Reserve Uniform Patrol Supervisor. Tim is also a board member for The City of Central Chamber of Commerce, Cooking in Central, and Louisiana Tech University Electrical Engineering Advisory. Lastly, Tim Lazaroe is the owner of RV Cams, Inc.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office has a policy that requires deputies to resign when elected to public office. Since this is an interim appointment a leave of absence will be requested instead. All equipment was turned in including a patrol unit. If Lazaroe runs and wins the election in March he will have to resign from East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

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