PODCAST: Scorecard Upgrade for Michael Melerine


In my search for the latest legislation in the regular session, I stumbled upon some truly remarkable proposals from the newly elected legislator, Michael Melerine. It’s impressive to witness a fresh face in the political arena introducing such impactful ideas. What’s even better is that all the legislation mentioned in this video can be found conveniently listed on Michael Melerine’s Legislator Scorecard. This resource not only helps everyone stay informed about his proposals but also enables tracking of his progress and how he fares in terms of his legislative performance.

If you are interested in evaluating the performance of Louisiana’s legislators, you can conveniently access their scorecards at our exclusive Louisiana Legislature Scorecard. This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative activities, voting records, and policy positions of all representatives in the state. Additionally, for a more focused analysis, we offer a dedicated Louisiana Senate Scorecard, which specifically assesses the performance of senators. These scorecards serve as valuable tools for citizens, researchers, and organizations to stay informed about the voting patterns and policy priorities of Louisiana’s legislators.

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