Podcast: Frank Pavone on creating a New Louisiana


Way back in September of this year, Frank Pavone addressed members and guests at our Champions of Change banquet. Although we had a sizable crowd, it was certainly not possible for every person who follows us to attend. Thankfully, Fr. Frank recorded his remarks on video so that all of our friends can get caught up. This is the second portion of Fr. Frank’s remarks. We will publish his earlier remarks on the history of the ProLife movement in another podcast soon.

Many of you may (or may not) know that a New Louisiana is the goal of our organization, Citizens for a New Louisiana. Our method to accomplish this is to start with the foundations of our government – at the hyper-local level. That starts by our putting good Christian conservatives on local boards and commissions. It’s amazing how this intentional method of change has allowed many big government issues work themselves out.

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To be clear, our work to clean up Louisiana has only just begun. With your help we can remake Louisiana into the image that other states will want to emulate. Rather than doing the same top-down things over and over again, we, at Citizens, do work from the bottom-up. It’s this one parish at a time model that has proven to be incredibly successful.


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