PODCAST: Angry school employee threatens lawsuits

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Parents send their children to school to learn language arts, math, and science. They don’t expect angry school employees, political activists, and social justice warriors to have unabated access to their children’s minds, especially at their own (taxpayer) expense!

The bill known as HB122 is often referred to as the “Don’t say gay” bill by the agenda-driven Leftist press. However, the reality is that most reasonable people support Dodie Horton‘s legislation. This bill prohibits public school employees from encouraging children to experiment with the employee’s personal adult sexual proclivities. This measure is widely considered sensible by everyone but the press.

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Nevertheless, some school employees are angry with this reasonable approach. One irate public school employee has asserted that if she is no longer permitted to discuss her personal adult sexual preferences with your children, it may result in lawsuits. Check it out.

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