Logan Lannoo

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Party: Republican

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  • 07/17/2023 - Did not respond to a request for comment as to whether he supported a new tax to build a stadium at Southside Highschool.
  • 05/11/2023 – Voted in favor or requesting an accounting firm conduct a special audit of Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux’s auto allowance and temporarily suspending his $1,000/month auto allowance until the investigation is completed.
  • 05/11/2023 – Voted in favor of a resolution allocating $10,000 and selecting a law firm to conduct an independent investigation of Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux. [2023-09]
  • 04/13/2023 - Nominated by Simone Champagne and appointed to the Council for the City of Youngsville to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Kayla Reaux
  • 02/09/2023 – Recommended for the Recreation Advisory Board by Kayla Reaux and appointed to that Board.

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