Peeping Toms in your Local Government?


Even if you avoid the mainstream media you’ve probably heard of the Chinese “weather balloons” shot down in the United States in recent weeks. Rep. Mike Waltz of Florida told Fox News “America is under assault from Chinese spying” days after a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was detected traveling into the U.S. He called it “a pattern of the most massive spying operation and theft of American technology in modern history.” Waltz credits the technology as being American while conveniently overlooking the domestic spying operations being carried out against American citizens not suspected of any crimes. Apparently, the theft of technology by the Chinese is the issue for Waltz, not the warrantless surveillance of Americans by their own countrymen.

The Boogeyman of Today

Washington DC grows their power easiest when they can convince you that a big bad boogeyman is threatening your safety, security, and liberty. It’s the perfect way to keep you from noticing the real threat to your liberty being perpetrated by our own government. If it isn’t the Chinese, it’s the Russians or those ‘Terrorists’ on whom we declared war. After all, it was the War on Terror that rapidly accelerated the weaponization of surveillance technology on Americans and created the massive surveillance state we now live under.

But people with short memories fail to recognize that all of these things put into place to ‘protect us’ are just an easy excuse to do more harm. About two years ago a group of rally-goers quickly found themselves indefinitely detained as domestic terrorists for their role in what the mainstream media has deemed an “insurrection.” However, it’s not the Capitol “protestors” who are the terrorists, but those who ignore their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution.

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Local Threats

The biggest threat to our freedoms isn’t coming from some far-off land. It isn’t China or Russia. In fact, it isn’t even D.C. It is occurring right in your own back yard.

Previously we reported on Lafayette Sheriff Garber’s fusion center which is being used to ‘solve crimes’ and ‘keep you safe.’ And most of us have noticed the surveillance network being placed in and around the Parish of Lafayette by Louisiana Crime Fighters, a private corporation owned by local businessman Brooks Bernard. While it is unclear how much of the data being collected by this ‘private entity’ is being shared with local, state, and federal agencies across the country, you can bet it is occurring.

Our many requests for memorandums of understanding and any other type of data sharing agreement between local law enforcement agencies and federal agencies have been blocked locally. So, while local politicians give lip service transparency, they appear to have no real intention of telling you about this assault on your privacy.

The fact is federal agencies simply don’t have the manpower and resources to enforce many of their unconstitutional actions. That is why they rely on the state and local officials to spy and collect data for them. If it weren’t for these local sellouts their entire surveillance operation would collapse.

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It’s happening right here in Lafayette

Recently, we’ve received reports of unmarked license plate reading cameras being installed in a local neighborhood, on private property, and without the owner’s consent. One subdivision resident did their own digging and was told the surveillance equipment doesn’t belong to any law enforcement agency – but to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

These cameras aren’t crime cameras, or even the kind that records video. They’re for tracking the movements of neighborhood residents. That means someone at ULL (possibly random college students) knows when you’re most likely to be away from home. What protection mechanism do they have in place to insure that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

Presently, we’re working several public records requests to find out more. However, don’t expect real answers anytime soon.

Local Solutions

Because the spying is occurring on the local level, action can be taken on the local level to eliminate it. States and municipalities across the country have passed or are considering legislation to do just that. The concept is to prevent local political entities from partnering and sharing your information with federal agencies.

For instance, in 2018 Michigan banned “Material Support or Resources” for Warrantless Federal Surveillance. While in 2015 Minnesota passed legislation restricting the use of license plate readers. Many other states are also considering similar legislation in various forms to protect its citizens from the threat of the surveillance state. Several of the include the “4th Amendment Protection Act”, “Electronic Data Privacy Act,” and the “Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.” Even your local officials can take a stand against domestic spying by adopting local ordinances to provide transparency and oversight of any surveillance equipment purchased by the governing authority.

If you are waiting for your elected officials to reign in the power of the state, then you may be waiting for a while. It is going to take some prodding, poking, writing, and calling. If you wait too long, the next ‘domestic terrorist’ monitoring camera may be installed at the end of your own driveway.


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