Override Edwards to protect our kids


Your rights and the safety of your children are less important than pandering to pride extremists. This is the message sent by our governor’s vetoes. John Bel Edwards vetoed medical freedom, protecting children, restorative justice, and much more. It is the duty of the legislature to override these vetoes.

While there was much focus on the budget this session, protecting children became a much bigger topic. Legislators authored bills about vaccine requirements, library book content, and a trio of bills relative to name change, discussion of sexuality with students, and surgery/puberty blockers. All of these bills were important. Some even made national news. The nation watched to see if Louisiana would become a sanctuary for sex change surgery and chemical sterilization of minors.

The Big Three

There is a lot to say about all of the “leave our kids alone” legislation, but for the sake of keeping this an article instead of a novel, I will focus on HB 81, HB 466, and HB 468.

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“You’re not helping kids by keeping secrets from parents.” -Sara Higdon

  • HB 81 by Raymond Crews (R 8/10): prevents school employees from using students’ “preferred names or pronouns” without parental approval. The bill puts the parents back in the loop. It says parents will decide what name their children are to be called. Opposition suggested that nicknames are not that big of a deal. One person said we should focus on educating children. I agree. That is why the next bill makes sense.
  • HB 466 by Dodie Horton (R 9/10): prohibits the discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools. The author of this bill had the help of Sara Higdon. Sara is a political commentator and writer for The Post Millennial, as well as a trans person who believes in protecting our children.
  • HB 648 by Gabe Firment (R 8/10): prohibits surgeries, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones for minors. It faced hours of testimony from parents, detransitioners, and medical professionals. It passed with bipartisan support. It is also worth noting that this bill was killed in Fred Mills (R 2/10)‘ Senate Health & Welfare Committee, with Mills being the tie breaker. Fortunately, enough senators knew how important this legislation is. They revived and passed it 29-10.

A Legacy of Horror

Louisiana’s governor was eager to make this an LGBT vs everyone else issue. He disregarded statements from the LGBT community who spoke in favor of these three bills. Rather than do the right thing and protect the children of this state, he chose division and vetoed HB 81, HB 466, and HB648.

“It is unfathomable to think that in my last few months serving as governor of this state that I would sign into law a bill that categorically denies health care for children and families based on propaganda and misinformation generated by national interest groups,” Edwards said.

Edwards dismissed testimony from those who had surgeries and/or took puberty blockers and cross sex hormones as teens. He ignored what medical professionals had to say. He completely disregarded the wishes of the citizens. Louisiana’s governor vetoed legislation that would protect children from irreversible harm.

“We often hear that these things are “life saving,” but anyone who is threatening suicide needs to fix their mind before going through this. Not the other way around. It is not an easy process, and suicidality doesn’t go down post transition.” -Sara Higdon

Now the people wait to see if the legislature will fulfill their duty and override the governor’s vetoes.

Will There Be a Veto Session?

As word of the vetoes spread, the public wanted to know if legislators were willing to override them. Good news! Unless enough legislators opt out, there will automatically be a veto session. Thats right! The session is automatic. The only way to avoid a session is for 20 senators or 53 house members to declare in writing that it is unnecessary. These declarations must be received 5 days prior to the day the veto session is scheduled to convene. Our estimation is that the veto session would convene July 18, 2023.

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No veto session shall be held if a majority of the elected members of either house declare in writing that a veto session is unnecessary. The declaration must be received by the presiding officer of the respective houses at least five days prior to the day on which the veto session is to convene.

What Can You Do?

Now is the time to contact your representatives and senators. Let them know that you believe our children are worth fighting for. Some have already let the public know they are in favor of a veto session. Others may need a little nudge.

“Our Democrat Governor vetoed the bill protecting children from genitalia mutilation and chemical gender reversal. His legacy is horror. Let’s see if our Republican legislature does anything about it. We the People demand a veto-override session.” –Congressman Clay Higgins 


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