Louisiana State Police Commends Peaceful Weekend Activities


Since March of 2020 groups of people have rallied in Baton Rouge. Some of the rallies began at the capitol followed by marches to the governor’s mansion. There has been prayer, singing, chants, speeches, and sign waving. Not once have these rallies been anything but peaceful.

2020’s election stirred strong emotions for voters across the nation. During a large rally in DC violence broke out. The US experienced a lot of violent protests over the past year. Even when those protests were going on, Baton Rouge Rallies remained peaceful and calm.

For some reason, the chaos in DC caused fear that all rallies would break out in violence. Social media events were taken down and their creators restricted from interacting with others. Louisiana State Police shared that they were on heightened alert. People were afraid to show up to the usual Saturday rallies because of the potential violence that was being reported.

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Sunday, Louisiana State Police updated the public with a social media post.

The peaceful assemblies and activities throughout the weekend was a testament to the intended purpose of our First Amendment rights, including the right to peacefully protest. …No specific and substantiated threat to life or property have been identified at this time to include the State Capitol or other government buildings.“

While extremists exist on all sides, the majority just wish to be heard. The Baton Rouge citizens and officials have done an outstanding job of working together. The rest of the nation may only see Baton Rouge from a social media point of view, but like the rest of Louisiana we come together when everything around us is falling apart.


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