Letters: Remember when it was about flattening the curve?


A one size fits all plan is the approach that Governor John Bel Edwards took in order to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). To help Governor Edward’s case, the numbers were skewed tremendously, and none put in per-capita. Multiple times saying that the numbers were going to grow at exponential rates, and our state would then run out of hospital and ventilator capacity. “Every day we get new information that informs our modeling. We now think it’s probably around the 9th of April before we exceed our ventilator capacity based on the current number,” Edwards said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Thus, a dictatorial executive order followed these beliefs which shutdown schools, restaurants, businesses and some of the largest veins in America: the service industry. Leaving thousands jobless, and dependent upon state and federal unemployment, most of whom could not qualify.

Daily press conferences would demonstrate that Democrat leftist leadership was attempting to instill fear into the people of Louisiana, while most of us watched helplessly and jobless. While the governor continued to take away our freedoms, and the mortality rate was not rising as predicted, other rates at home soared like; domestic violence, child hunger, child abuse and unemployment. But why were opening dates constantly delayed? Federal Funding. The governor decided that federal funding was way more important than the livelihood of blue collar Louisiana, again, an example of self interest and pocket lining by the left.

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Throughout the process, one particular legislator took charge to circulate a petition that would attempt to end Governor Edward’s Executive order, which has gained the support of 40+ legislators. Alan Seabaugh, R- Shreveport, led this effort, but why did some legislators not sign the petition and say they have you in their best interest? Special projects. The governor regularly uses his line-item veto power as a punishment for legislators who have fallen out of his favor by canceling state-funding for projects in their district. That’s just one particular trick Edwards could utilize in order to push his COVID-19 agenda.

Representative Alan Seabuagh described that the mitigation efforts went from flattening the curve, which we learned to be a false narrative, to assuring that no one contracts the virus; which is absolutely asinine. The group of legislators who have signed the petition understand that Louisiana needs to get back to work soon.

Some argue that this group attempted to, “Get into the way of our recovery”, said Put Louisiana First, a leftist group who supports the economic shutdown. Keeping citizens dependent on the government and removing their freedoms are two giant steps for creating a socialist society.

This is not the way to go, and certainly does not help our state in any way. As the legislative session ended last week, Edwards now predicts another rise of Coronavirus cases, leading schools, higher education institutions and sports teams altering their schedules for the upcoming year. It turns out that the man who threatened LSU Football may get his wish after all.

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