Letters: Don’t Give In


By: Meg Aucoin

Whew, idk where to even START! (It’s gunna be kinda long 😅)

I will start off by saying I know where everyone stands with “c-vid” and that is OK! What’s NOT ok is everyone trying to “force” people to do what they think is right. My motto, you do you boo. Wanna wear a mask cool, don’t wanna wear one cool. That’s your business NOT mine.

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Medical freedom is something I’ve been fighting for and trying to help advocate for. Regardless of your political stance. Politics (government) should NEVER be brought into anything (how you live,etc) ESPECIALLY when it comes to your health.

Which brings me to my next point.

I’ve been fighting for my kids and ALL kids (and parents) for us to have the choice to choose what’s best for our children (especially medically) because as y’all know my kids have had their fair share of issues. I’ve fought to bring them in to this world and I won’t stop.

Well not to long ago Aubrey’s PT made mention of her getting Botox in her leg to help with an array of things. Cool! Well did the clinic had the evals and ALL the things. She was a candidate! Awesome! Well the hospital informed me that she’d need to be sedated and MUST have a c-vid p¢r test before the procedure. I asked WHY? They said because she was “higher risk” because of sedation. I asked higher risk for WHAT exactly? NO ONE could answer that. I said well before all of this insanity she was never a higher risk. Now all of a sudden she is.. hmm.. well that didn’t sit right with me. So I didn’t quit pushing back. (This also plays into other things we are going through also)

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Anyway, they (hospital) canceled her procedure. Ok cool. Whatever. She’s still making strides and doing FABULOUS! They (the hospital) just kinda brushed me off. FINE! My stance is where it is and I will not budge on my views for my children when it pertains to MY children. That’s a battle no one will win.

Well this morning the hospital called me to RESCHEDULE her Botox and informed me they CAN do her procedure WITHOUT a c-vid test! They told me prior that it wasn’t an option. Well I never budged on my stance as I said and I’ve been praying to our Good Lord NONSTOP. He’s brought me through it. He has shown me. He’s given me courage, strength, and EVERYTIME he will do it.

The reason I’m sharing this (I don’t like putting much of what I go through out there) is to let people know, especially the ones that are scared to “push back” even if it goes against something you stand for, DON’T stop. KEEP pushing. Say NO, ESPECIALLY if it’s something you don’t agree with or if it don’t sit right with your soul. You do what you think is best for your family. PERIODT. If you want more on the laws to help protect you in that aspect. Message me I don’t mind trying to help or let you vent. My tribe has heard me MANY of times.💛

I will always do what I think is best for my family and I’ll always stand for what I think is right. I’ll never chastise or hate on anyone for having different views or opinions. 💛


I love y’all 💛🌻

I hope y’all have a beautiful and blessed Friday 💛🙏🏽

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