Letters: Capps gets slapped for race baiting


Regarding Lafayette’s decades of racist housing policies left lasting scars and still define city, by Andrew Capps.

I just read the above referenced article and was quite shocked by what you claim as “facts”.

It’s interesting that a 1923 ordinance that was passed, and immediately reversed (because “white” folks were living in the “black” neighborhood – kind of blows your theory right there, right?) has so “scarred” our beloved community for the past 90 something years!

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Since you are not from here, and don’t really know what life was like here, you are therefore not qualified to make any legitimate analysis of “racism” in Lafayette. So instead, you take a tidbit of information and distort it to support your race baiting narrative – I’m guessing that this method is what is taught today to pass as real journalism, but I digress.

You claim no blacks were allowed to live in “white neighborhoods,” get an education or become successful. So the black neighbors my friends had in Oaklawn in the 50’s were just figments of their imagination, right? “Wealthy, homogeneous white neighborhood steeped in historic racial discrimination, and on the other side a left-behind black neighborhood.” What inflammatory language from someone passing himself off as a “local government reporter.”

You do know that there were very successful white businesses in that “left behind black neighborhood,” that supported and employed black residents, right?

I find it ironic that you claim so much white suppression of the black community, yet SLI (now ULL) was the first state supported school in the south to allow black enrollment! Doesn’t sound like a racist community to me. Certainly not when there were black businesses, Doctors, and Lawyers.

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If we are so racist, people like Bishop John Milton would never have been “allowed” to get an education, much less a law degree, live any kind of a decent life, or spout off his false rhetoric to fake “reporters” like you.

It is so sad that education is wasted on those who continue to perpetuate these lies. “America’s original sin of slavery is the reason why we’re still in the condition today”……what the hell? Racists will always see the world through the lens of racism – to hell with opportunities, responsibilities, and accountability! If Bishop Milton’s narrative was true, there would be no Ben Carsons, or Tyler Perrys, or Tim Scotts, or Serena Williams, or Oprah Winfreys, or Megan Markles, etc. in our country.

It is so sad when those with opportunities, like yourself, choose to promote racism, hatred and division instead of trying to better our community. However, this narrative will NEVER win because people know better. They know that color doesn’t matter, especially when someone is in need, and they prove it every single day…..Posers like you just don’t want to admit it.

So I suggest you let go of the white guilt, ditch the white supremacist attitude and become a productive – not destructive – member of your adopted community!

L. Richard


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