Let the Indoctrination Begin


Universities have turned into a cesspool of liberal ideology over the years. Pushing hard left leaning fallacies on our children and punishing the students who do not believe in such behavior. Joe Biden is now making it acceptable for these institutions to join his, “WOKE” movement in their new America.

One state university in particular, Nicholls State University, who has already been cited 4 months ago by Attorney General Jeff Landry for shutting down free speech, now feels that they have the proper backing in the White House to help spread their left wing propaganda.

Nicholls State University President Jay Clune’s Administration has approved a campus event that is encouraging the of teaching adolescents and students on how to become a gender queer. When conservative and pro life groups on the campus attempt to become vocal about their events, the university gives zero promotion or support to those organizations, and it is also true for most universities within our state.

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The event is a book talked hosted by the university library, led by Charlie McNabb, a transgender author who wrote a communist manifesto of gay teachings titled, “Queer Adolelncence”. The book discuesses what it is like to go through puberty as a gay, or lesbian child, and outlines the challenges that are faced while going through the new popular sex change. After a little bit of research we discovered that the knovel attempts to corrupt the child’s mind and creates a parent teaching obstacle for any christian parent.

The book utilizes reverse psychology on the child, to convince parents and family members that they are now gay. One chapter structures an explanation for telling your parents that you are not your biological sex, a passage we found here.., “but you know you’re not a woman? Or when Dad keeps asking when you’re going to bring a girlfriend home, but you’re not interested in girls?” 

While public universities in the state are funded by taxpayers, we need to make clear now more than ever, that we will not stand for these practices. This should not become the new normal nor should our Republican State Delegation approve higher education funding if these overpaid socialist continue their attempt to corrupt the thinking skills of our youth. Where will this end?  The cancel culture is now alive and breathing, and also has the baton in hand. While conservatives were being shut off, they utilizing all platforms now to comfortably move their agenda.


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