JBE VS The People Of Louisiana

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The citizens of Louisiana fought hard against the governor’s tyrannical mandates. Some legislators joined them by circulating the Seabaugh petition. This attempt to use their authority to protect the rights of the people fell short. At the last minute Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder saw an opportunity. He circulated his own petition and got enough signatures in a single day. This showed who represents the people (those who signed even when the speaker wouldn’t) and who is playing politics (those who wouldn’t sign until the speaker did). Of course that did not sit well with Governor Edwards, so he brought it to court. Now the people are funding an endless lawsuit best known as JBE Vs The People of Louisiana.

The First Hearing

Judge Morvant heard the case November 2020 via Zoom. The judge was rude and even referred to the 300 listeners as “the peanut gallery”. Blaize Cain spoke up when he had enough of the judges attitude.

Judge Morvant was particularly disrespectful to the ladies in the room. Each time Angelique Freel, with the Attorney General’s office, spoke he completely lost his cool. Judging by social media posts, everyone noticed and nobody was happy about his bias.

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The judge ruled against Louisiana citizens. The Louisiana Supreme Court heard the case. They vacated the ruling citing procedural error in December 2020.

Seven Months Later

Judge Morvant did not hear this case again until July 12, 2021. The assumption was that Morvant was the reason for the delay. Only, during that hearing Judge Morvant mentioned that he had waited since December for each side to submit documents needed to proceed. Rather than submit those documents, both sides came with exceptions. Once again political games were more important than the people of Louisiana.

The governor’s counsel stated “the governor has the authority to protect the rights of the people”. Of course this brings the question of why he chooses not to. The governor’s counsel also said that Legislators did nothing to remedy the situation while in session. This was a blatant lie and thankfully those from the Attorney Generals office pointed that out. Legislators brought HB149. The Governor vetoed the bill, once again playing politics.

This was basically just an hour long argument about what is considered moot. Only exceptions were heard. Their arguments did not impact the Judges decision. Both parties agreed to discuss dates for the next hearing.

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Judge Morvant has taken heat for this being dragged out. Maybe it is where both parties want it to be. Why is neither side fighting for the people of Louisiana?


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