It’s time to stop social media censorship

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We all know that social media censorship has gotten out of hand; recent news notwithstanding. A solution I’ve been promoting with legislators for the last few months is called the “Stop Social Media Censorship Act.” There are a few reasons why it’s very important; not the least of which is the international technology industry is completely out of control.

  1.  Section 230 of the communications decency act provides for a state law exception. That means that while someone can’t sue a social media company under the federal law, they could potentially be sued under a state law. Louisiana has no such law in place – and so the reason for introducing this bill.
  2. Because $75,000 is the jurisdictional minimum for article 3 standing in federal court, this bill establishes the minimum award at $75,000. That lowers the bar for entry for someone who might otherwise have to enumerate their financial damages in order to qualify for federal relief.
  3. It also applies the “American Rule” meaning that if you’re successful the social media company would have to pay your attorney’s fees. This is critical because social media company’s funds are endless, and they may try to kill a case simply by dragging it out. If they will have to pay extra for dragging things out, they’re less likely to do so.
  4. The best part of all this is it moves the venue (where your court case takes place) from California to right here in Louisiana. That means the social media company’s attorneys would have to fly here to defend themselves, instead of you having to fly to California to sue them.

Remember, the goal of this legislation is NOT to make you rich. It’s primary purpose is to deter social media companies from interfering in your first amendment rights.

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Remember, the bill language made me blush. If you still want to read it, it can be found here:

Also, if you want to help us continue this fight for your free speech rights, becoming a member of Citizens for a New Louisiana is the absolute first thing yo should do. You can do that here:


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