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“Discretion” is the superpower of government. We see “prosecutorial discretion” at play daily in the law enforcement world. Hillary gets off scott-free after violating the espionage act some 30,000 times, but one poor submariner gets thrown in jail for a single photo.

Local government is no exception, as we experienced during the drag queens for toddlers debate. Now, City-Parish CFO, Lorrie Toups, says if we want access to the council’s travel expenses, it’ll cost $309.You may remember the drag queen for toddler debate from a year ago.

Many of you signed a petition demanding that the Library’s unelected bureaucrats be held to account for dragging the whole community into an uproar. That petition was turned in, on paper, to the clerk of Council. A few days later, executive committee members of what has now become PFLAG started doxxing people on that list.

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We’ve heard form countless people, asking why their personal information was released to this hate-filled, fringe leftist group. It was because city employees and contractors, friendly to the drag queen cause, decided to release it. Several people felt so threatened by this local group that police reports were filed. What did it cost PFLAG’s Vice President to get her hands on some 1,600+ pages of paper documents? Zero. Absolutely nothing.

According to the city attorneys, represented by Oats & Marino, the bureaucrats have complete discretion over who gets charged the copy fee, and who doesn’t. Isn’t that special?

So, we asked for Bruce Conque’s travel expenses

Fast forward to present day. What happens when someone submits a public records request for things that bureaucrats do not want the public to see? They put up barriers. Namely, they charge a copy fee for anything you want access to. The fee, in this case, is 25¢ per page. On 1,236 pages, that makes for a grand total of $309 – just to find out what our elected officials are doing with taxpayer money. There’s also a disclaimer at the bottom saying they reserve the right to charge us more later.

Fighting high taxes and stupid spending is expensive, but you can help

It’ll take $309 to get the documents we’re seeking for just one year. We’d like to go back and get them for 2016 and 2017 as well. You can help us to get these documents by chipping in a few dollars below.

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