Did Louisiana Department of Health Violate HIPAA?


Over the course of 19 months Louisiana citizens have lost their right to medical privacy. Employees and students are expected to report what should be private health information. There is a penalty for spouse vaccination status. Now Louisiana Department of Health is sharing information such as addresses in hopes to tie spread to specific people and gatherings.

In 2020 I asked for certain numbers so I could better understand the spread of Covid-19. I was able to get parish numbers. They would not give city numbers because that would invade privacy. I respected that. Privacy is important.

On Wednesday, Louisiana Department of Health made a detailed post on social media. The department posted the date and address for a wedding they believe exposed guests to Covid-19

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According to HIPAA Journal, this is against HIPAA Social Media rules.

Common Social Media HIPAA Violations
Posting of images and videos of patients without written consent
Posting of gossip about patients
Posting of any information that could allow an individual to be identified
Sharing of photographs or images taken inside a healthcare facility in which patients or PHI are visible
Sharing of photos, videos, or text on social media platforms within a private group

The Government Has Turned to Doxing

Sharing specific dates and addresses of events makes it easy to identify individuals referred to by Louisiana Department of Health. Essentially the government is doxing people. It is not hard to find out which couple was married at a particular venue on a certain date.

Commenters came to LDH’s defense stating this kind of information was often shared by health departments. HIPAA violations are federal offenses The governor expects us to report each other for not complying with his mandates. Now is your chance to report him for breaking the law.

These kinds of offenses should be reported here.

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The government takes an inch every chance it gets. We should speak up when we witness wrong doing. We must hold officials accountable. Otherwise, they will continue to go unchecked. The past 19 months is a perfect example of an unchecked government.


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