At Least 3,091 Vaccinated Louisianans Died of Covid


Everything about the covid vaccine rollout in Louisiana has been maddening.  From the lack of informed consent to the eventual employee mandate of an experimental drug, the human rights and medical ethics violations are staggering.  But undoubtedly one of the greatest frustrations has been the intentional blind eye to vaccine adverse events. While Governor John Bel Edwards and the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) endlessly promoted vaccination in the most inane manner (See Shots for Santa, A Shot for a Shot, McDonald’s for a Shot), the obligation to provide safety reporting instructions to healthcare workers and the public with the same enthusiasm simply never occurred. Instead, LDH posted occasional missives on its website or through email to healthcare professionals but never invested resources in a public awareness campaign on adverse event reporting.

Case in point: the startling revelation on November 8, 2021, during a House Health and Welfare Committee hearing on covid vaccine injuries and Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS), that LDH has a vaccine injury hotline that healthcare workers can utilize to supposedly report vaccine injuries. The pediatrician sitting next to me at the time of this revelation stated she had never heard of it.  Granted, the 800 number turned out to be useless, if not harmful, as we learned later that LDH discouraged patients who called from filing VAERS reports. One woman I spoke with was discouraged from filing a VAERS report after experiencing unusual menstrual bleeding following vaccination.  Now known to be a correlated issue, how many more women were told by LDH not to report? As I noted at the time and I still believe to be true, Vaccine Injury Reporting Favors the Vaccine, Not the Consumer.

What those at LDH fail to realize is that with an experimental drug like the mRNA covid vaccines, LDH does not have the luxury of determining causality.  Serious adverse events following administration of these drugs are required to be reported by the vaccine provider. While VAERS is often referred to as a passive reporting system, meaning anyone (patient, parent, loved one) can file a report, vaccine providers are mandatory reporters.

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Why is reporting vaccine adverse events so vital? 

The initial clinical trials contained huge data gaps about the experimental covid vaccines that were about to be rolled out, including “vaccine effectiveness against mortality.” These data gaps make adverse event reporting essential to help inform the manufacturers, public health officials, and the public at large of possible safety signals with the vaccine.  It is important to note that a VAERS report does not signify causality, rather the information is gathered to identify safety signals.

According to the FDA, the CDC, and vaccine manufacturers, what are vaccine providers required to report VAERS?

  • Vaccine administration errors whether or not associated with an adverse event
  • Serious adverse events (irrespective of attribution to vaccination)
  • Cases of myocarditis
  • Cases of pericarditis
  • Cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
  • Cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization or death

In the early days of covid, the number of covid deaths (yes, I know how questionable that number is) was reported daily. Then, when the vaccine rolled out, the number of unvaccinated deaths became part of the daily fear propaganda.  Then it stopped.  @TrueScience6 on X noticed that LDH had removed the percentage of unvaccinated from the covid death statistics on the LDH covid dashboard.

It is no secret that the vaccinated are dying from covid. What is disconcerting is the stubborn lack of acknowledgment of that fact from LDH. The continued use of the covid death statistics to manipulate covid vaccine uptake is another in a long line of unethical behavior from the officials at LDH.

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After this shockingly deceptive social media post from LDH, we submitted a public record request (PRR) to find out just how many Louisianans have died of covid after having been vaccinated for covid.  We had asked a legal group for advice on the issue months earlier and determined we needed to proceed with a PRR first. What we discovered is disturbing to say the least. At the time of the PRR, almost 12,000 Louisianans have died of covid since the vaccine became available in December of 2020.  Of that number, 3,091 people died despite repeated covid vaccinations, meaning every one of those individuals had received at least two covid vaccine doses and still died of covid.

Notice that one of the metrics of required reporting listed previously is covid deaths following covid vaccination.  Reporting requirements are established under federal law and reiterated by vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, and the CDC

Another public records request was submitted to determine what VAERS reports LDH had filed. Again, the answer was shocking: 

“The Louisiana Department of Health completed a diligent and thorough search of records maintained in the usual course of business, but found no records in the Department’s possession for the above-referenced request.”

It is statistically and scientifically impossible for there to NOT BE A SINGLE event warranting a VAERS report by LDH from the millions of vaccine doses administered in Louisiana.  

After a cursory search of VAERS, we found that only three Louisiana reports have been filed in regard to covid deaths following vaccination.

Last week, we informed LDH that as a vaccine provider, they are obligated to file VAERS reports for the 3,091 individuals who died of covid following covid vaccination.   Not only is LDH a “vaccine provider,” but their ridiculous promotional events and stunts made the adverse event reporting process more difficult for both the patient and provider. Because covid vaccines were administered in an unconventional (we would argue unethical) manner via drive-through clinics, pop-up clinics, in bars, etc., the original covid vaccine provider in these situations would, in most instances, NEVER learn of any serious adverse events the patient may have experienced following vaccination. This is true especially if the patient dies, leaving a significant gap in the reporting process. A troubling issue with a passive reporting system like VAERS is, according to one Louisiana coroner, “The deceased do not report.”  

LDH has not been reporting adverse events

The vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, and the CDC emphasize that vaccine providers are required to file a VAERS report when “they become aware” of the adverse event.  Last week, LDH became aware of its responsibility. 

In addition to filing VAERS reports for the 3,091 individuals recognized in the PRR, we requested that LDH perform a thorough search of records to see how many individuals died of covid before the primary series was completed. If you’ll notice in the PRR image above, LDH did not have data on individuals who may have died of covid after the first covid vaccine and within fourteen days of the second, so there very well may be many more deaths that require a VAERS report. 

Finally, because more and more research is demonstrating negative efficacy associated with covid vaccination, meaning that covid vaccination is increasing an individual’s likelihood of contracting covid, we requested “as a matter of responsible and ethical public policy and informed consent, that LDH send out a Health Alert Network Advisory to all vaccine providers to notify them of this risk as well as issue public messages to inform all Louisianans, especially those who have received one or more covid vaccines.”

Do we have any expectation that Edwards’ Department of Health will act on this issue?  The incompetent fools at LDH are planning a campaign to increase covid vaccine uptake as we speak, completely ignoring distressing studies being published almost daily.  If experience is any indication, we do not expect that Edwards’ LDH will do what is legally required of them. 

Perhaps the next Secretary of Health under Governor Jeff Landry’s watch will.


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