🚨 Louisiana’s Self Perpetuating Crime


Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrapped up 2021 with record breaking homicide numbers. While East Baton Rouge Parish suffers greatly with poor leadership, there are other factors to consider. Perhaps it is time for people to stop believing the government when they say “we’re here to help”.

More government is not the answer

Louisiana’s answer to most issues is “more government”. We have programs for everything. What should have been a hand up has led to mass government dependence. A large portion of East Baton Rouge Parish depends on the government for help paying for utilities, food, rent, health care, and other basic needs.

Louisiana ought to be ashamed

19.2 percent of Louisiana citizens are living below the poverty line. Louisiana is next to last in education. Sadly, the state had the highest murder rate in 2021. Our own research indicates that only about 70% of Louisiana agencies are reporting crime statistics to the FBI. So, Louisiana’s homicide numbers could be much greater. Also in 2021 there are 300 fatal overdoses confirmed with numerous cases still pending toxicology tests.

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Louisiana has the highest wrongful conviction rate in the world. This goes hand in hand with public defender issues. Many people take a plea deal because they get out faster if they go ahead and get sentenced than if they defend themselves. There is also a practice well known as “meet em, greet em, and plead em“. To learn more about how this impacts communities watch the video below.

Just get a job

These things are the recipe for a perfect storm. There is no bridge between sitting in jail and reentering society. People find themselves scrambling to make ends meet. They face desperation when trying to pay their parole or probation officer. Felons often struggle with finding a job at all and usually they find themselves working for cash. This often includes illegal activities such as dealing drugs or theft. This is the aftermath of a government funded defense system.

There is no real rehabilitation and the cycle continues. The welfare system does not cover everything, but many can not afford to lose benefits while they try to better themselves.

“The welfare system makes it hard to get off of it because generally there is no transition to bridge between losing your benefits and surviving while you establish a better job/income.” Camellia Peterson, Editor of The Libertarian Republic

Left behind

These communities become less than desirable. People generally do not like stray bullets and high crime. Those who can afford it generally leave for a more peaceful community. This includes teachers and pillars of the community. As people leave, so do businesses. This leaves behind a failed economy, elderly, and a lot of people who know nothing but the streets.

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“Once an area is depressed, no one wants to invest in it because it is not profitable in the short term. It is a self perpetuating cycle.” Camellia Peterson, Editor of The Libertarian Republic

Who is driving the bus?

Now we circle back to leadership. Mixed in with all of the above issues, Baton Rouge has poor leadership. It is so bad that they had to call in the feds to lead for them.

While Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome has no real solutions, others turn to training citizens to protect themselves. Baton Rouge has become a warzone and its always best to be prepared.

What if leadership began at an even more local level than the police chief or mayor president? According to New Orleans resident Nadra “Cap Black” Enzi some of the cause of the high crime is due to “juveniles not being disciplined at home or school.” He also believes juveniles should be tried as adults when they commit violent felonies.

While there is no instant fix, these communities cannot just accept this as a way of life. This cycle must end.


With your help, we can make Louisiana transparent!

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