We’re still protecting kids at the library

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The nefarious forces of darkness don’t stop coming for our kids at local public libraries. As such, we must remain vigilant with library board appointments. That old cliche could never be more true. All that’s required for evil to prevail is for good men to [not supply applicants to their local library board.]

We regularly do this work quietly. That’s because the less attention we bring to it, hopefully, the less attention will be paid to it by the wokies. However, our work is occasionally noticed by the media, who are notorious for getting all of the details wrong. I just couldn’t let a recent article by the Advocate go unchallenged. As usual, the Advocate puts out erroneous information matter-of-factly as if it were the truth. It’s not.

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In the video, I’ll be referring to some deep research we did on Christie Maloyed about a year ago. She’s the leftist’s failed three-time candidate for the library board. Here’s the link to that article:


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