Drag Queen Resolution tonight – bring a friend

Tonight at 5:30 the City/Parish council is going to address your petition and call a vote on the Library’s Drag Queen Story Time for toddlers event. It’s vitally important that you show up because the other side will be there to demand the resolution be defeated. They’ve recently filled the auditorium, so we know they will be there in numbers. The Council may bend under such pressure. That’s why it’s important for you to come in person and bring everyone you can. This isn’t the time to hope your neighbor goes – we need you and your neighbors to all show up.

The City/Council meeting is at 705 West University Avenue at 5:30 PM. Parking and room capacity will be a challenge, so carpool, arrive early, and find a seat. The auditorium will fill up early. If it does, it’s still important to fill out a blue card in support of the resolution, agenda item #8, (even if you don’t plan to speak). When parking fills up, First Baptist Church has made their parking lot available.

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