Ben Chavis Event, August 26, 2021

The “kids in [Ben Chavis’s] American Indian Public Charter Schools score so far above the average for the state for public school children that there isn’t even a word for it,” said Andrew Coulson, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom.[1][2]

Ben Chavis, PhD, turned the worst school in America (an inner-city school in Oakland, California) into the best school in America in just five years.[1][2] What was his secret? Dr. Chavis says that the underprivileged kids that most schools blame for low scores are the easiest students to motivate! This is an opportunity for local educators to find out how Dr. Chavis defied the odds and inspired “bad kids” to outperform every other school in the entire country.[1][2]

His success caused such a stir among schools in his area that they demanded the FBI investigate! For seven long years, the fruitless investigation drew national attention. In his recent book, Charter Schools and Their Enemies, famed economist Thomas Sowell, PhD, summarizes the motivation for the baseless investigation: “The haste to try to close down this charter school network, over legal issues not yet tried in court, and having nothing to do with the education of students, is another painful revelation of the mindset of those preoccupied with protecting their own turf from competition—and the loss of money when students transfer to charter schools. It also tells us something about how little the education of students weighs in the balance in their actions, as distinguished from their rhetoric. When a network of highly successful charter schools was threatened with extinction, based on unsubstantiated charges against a man who was already a former principal, that tells us more than any rhetoric.” (Excerpt From: Thomas Sowell. “Charter Schools and Their Enemies.” Apple Books.)

More information and a thorough summary of available articles about Dr. Chavis is available on Wikipedia.

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